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  1. 9th of March. Jeez... And now I have to go to dinner... What even. LIFE GETS IN THE WAY OF ME BEING MFC-SOCIAL WHY THOUGH. WHY. Also I'm from Tumblr now I just use gifs for everything okay
  2. I know you missed me. Don't even deny it. :rolls_eyes: (omg I remember how to do those)
  3. I don't post here a lot any more. I should. I shall. But I feel like going to bed. So.
  4. A band? Superawesome. XD


    We have tons of new male student teachers around and they basically elicit the same reaction from everybody. Except it's funny considering we do it to their faces. :lmfao: Like today:


    New teacher: Um.. *taps me on the shoulder* Can you tell me where room 19 is?

    Me: Yeah, follow me! *takes him there*

    Teacher: Ermm... Thank you... What's your name?

    Me: Emma! :pinkbow: Oh! And mister?

    Teacher: Yes?

    Me and my friend: You're so adorable.




    It suuhhhcckksss.


    Indeed I am... Milsom... *glares* AUTOMATICALLY HATE YOU!



    ... Not really, I could never. XD



  5. He did, and it made me laugh. My favourite one was "What's it like knowing Charlie? :D" and he was all "What's it like knowing your friends?" :lmfao:


    School is annoying, I'm like failing everything ._. I'm just so... I don't know.. D: I kinda fancy a music teacher. He's amazing. Like. GAH. XD


    I totally get what you mean. xD


    He sent my brother a text like "LOLWHATYOURSISTERISSOWEIRD" :aah:


    Urrgghhh... My mom's come home from America and she thinks that she can boss me around... I've gotten used to doing all of these things while she wasn't around, and she's trying to make me stop doing them. ._. I really don't like her at the moment. DX


  7. That sounds cool! :D


    Mine was.. "what's your favourite Tom song?" or something :aah: Because I needed more hexachordal in my life. XD I thought I was just normal, but 'parrently I was indeed in anon. :lmfao: Which is good, considering I kind of freaked out for a bit going "WAIT A DAMN SECOND ALEX AND CHARLIE ARE MY ICON WHAT WILL HE THINK" like a weirdo. ._. xD


    That is my life ... Minus the school, because I've basically given up :lmfao: I'm glad you're doing so well! :D


    I'm good thanks, just... I'm happy, but I'm unhappy. At school I'm sulky because I have no friends to talk to whatsoever/I'm just plain anti-social but at home I'm happier-than-happy. ^^


    (~just realised I reblogged something about David Tennant and my brother's friend is stalking my Tumblr he must think I'm so weird~)


    So.. *long reply* xD


    :huglove: x3

  8. So we chose them yesterday. :/ It's like >____<


    It seems to be working itself out *happy*


    And Ed replied to a random question I sent him so...




    ... anyway how's life? XD

  9. I'm listening to Gold Digger by Kanye West at the moment. I'm so amused by the way this gif matches so perfectly.
  10. Btw so tom has tumblr







  11. I got my options letter today. Mom apparently talked to the teachers about getting me into the "smarter subjects" that won't make me end up in a dead-end job.


    Life sucks at the moment. Everything does. :/

  12. Lucky xD School's becoming more stressful lately, what with people, tests, my locker breaking with my coat inside it, the teachers, life choices I have to make...



    Urgh. It sucks :no:


    Anyway though -,- *stops talking about herself*

  13. Yes ;-; You? *belated reply*

  14. Oh hey Mickey :3


    *is currently doing her essay and straightening her hair* I fail at life ;-; :lmfao:

  15. I keep wanting to go to Rhymezone but I always forget xDD


    I have like three Jenga sets but I just use them to make buildings :lnfao: I'll never grow up I guess xDD


    You should watch it online :3 Matt Smith is really good yeah! He was the first Doctor I watched, so I kinda prefer him to the others xD I'm kinda a Johnny-come-lately to the whole concept of Timelords and stuff xDD But now I'm totally a fangirl xD

  16. I wanted the Alex Day bundle they had on DFTBA but my mom was like "Whut no." ;-;


    Hm... That's a good question....... I listen to This Is Me an awful lot, but it's not my favourite... I also like Chemical Love... Yeah, probably Chemical Love. xD


    What's yours?


    Also, HAPPY FREAKIN NEW YEAR! :D ^^ How'd you spend the last moments of 2010? Random question, but I was wondering. xD I spent mine watching Doctor Who in my room, alone. Because I'm too awesome for sociality.

  17. Awesome!! =D I've got a lot of people to like him lately, it's funny xD And nerds are cool! *highfive*


    His album came in the post for me yesterday, actually! It came with a Cloning Charlie t-shirt xD

  18. Freaks are more interesting, yes XD


    Oh, and that's not me.. XD Lots have people have asked me the same thing XD it's a guy called Charlie.. Charlieissocoollike on YouTube :D Have you heard of him? If you haven't then check him out! :D

  19. Merry Late Christmas.. or whatever. XDD




    I dunno, I like people's voices! Yours is like, REALLY nice to listen to- and I sound like a freak, don't I. xD

  20. You have an amazing speaking voice. :D





    .... I'll leave you alone forever now. xP

  21. Awwwwwwww thanks :D You're pretty awesome yourself :D

  22. It's funny, cos I hate the summer because it's too hot to do anything, in school or even in the holidays. Gotta go, bye ^^
  23. Why not? It's so nice and fluffy and it's like YES. Though, if it snows too much, my mom won't be able to come home for Christmas.