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  1. ooh ive never been to an acoustic show. it seems alot more intimate
  2. this is my design and good job everybody, there were some really nice ones
  3. Hey Holly

    I know this is really late but thanks for welcoming to the MFC. I didn't get your message until now. Thanks so much! People are very nice here ! :)

  4. Oh Hi Topsy

    I know this is extremely late but I never got your message until now. I'm really sorry! And your English is not bad at all :)

  5. Hi I´m Topsy!


    i read one of your comments an says that you will go to the Mika Show in los angeles , i will going to , i want to make you one question.


    this is the situation:

    mi tickets have no arrived an , and only remains 11 days for the show.

    this is the question:


    sandbag already sent you your tickets?

    cause i buy it at MIKASOUNDS.COM


    mi tickets are delay, maybe is because i live in Mexico that take so longer in arrived

    really reassure me know if you already have them in your hands, or if my tickets are just not reached



    I hope your answer!


    sorry about my english i don´t speak it really good

  6. Hey guys, i found this director's cut of We are Golden I don't know if you've seen it but it, I guess i would say it's a bit more bold...
  7. Did any of you guys win anything from Mika and Perez Hilton's contest? just wondering, i want to see how the poster looks like! -thanks-
  8. just wondering, when would be a good time to get there? i know its all standing so i don't want to be in the back. the shows are usually like 2 hours, or 3?
  9. just wondering, how'd you meet him? you're so lucky!
  10. Welcome to the MFC!! :huglove:

  11. just wondering... what time are you guys heading there? thanks:aah:
  12. what do you mean the barriers are high? is it going to be hard to get in? this is going to be my first concert, sorry for so many questions!
  13. I'm going to my first Mika concert in a couple of months and I absolutely LOVE his music. It's at the Hollywood Palladium and it can hold up too 4,000 standing people. so... I was just wondering How early should I arrive? Does Mika greet his fans before? afterwards? is there other stuff I should know? thanks!