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  1. Caz your reports were the best of all!!! Please I hope in the 2010 will be your year as the n1 documentalist of Mikas UK tour!!!
  2. holaa!! soy cecilia tmb de montevideo,uruguay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    que buenoo!! al fin me encuentro con una mikera en el MFC!! (era la unica hasta el momento)

    cualkier duda que tengas, no dudes en preguntarme, aca la gente es muuy buena y simpatica!!

    espero que la pases re bien, y vas a ver que no t arrepentiras de haberte sumado a este foro!!!!!!

    ns estamos hablando!


  3. When Aglo people understand so well spanish as Mika I realized he had contact with spanish people o had a friendship with someone to understand so well. In this interview that he was on Granada studing and went to Sitges a beatyfull beach near Barcelona with a friend called Antonio, where he heard a song from an Argentinian group called "La Mosca". Many of the gay comunity likes to go there. Yes he should speak more often his great!!!
  4. Thanks for the videos. The edition you´ve made is great. I could live more of what was going on. I´ve seen the video of WAG and it´s great too!! I´m a photographer and documentalist an I must say that you ve got that eye!!! And it´s better when you think what you are going to shoot before because there is a concept in the whole thing. Good job. I am from South America and visited London for 9 days last June, and visited that street where the Ice Cream Van was that is great at afteroffice time! It´s was magical to see you all MFC, I remembered perfectly those tables you were seeted waiting, the pubs that were there. Great the video, I loved the part that you stand near the poster and showed that was higher than you!!! PS: Caz congratulations on your efford. Chears, Marcela.
  5. I think Mika is wearing the T shirt the MFC gave him the white shirt with a drawing I can´t remember the name of the girl I think she is from USA? http://twitpic.com/h241s
  6. Please use a link of megaupload because if no you tube will not let you post ir bacause it´s a UK show...
  7. Mika just Twitt that he was going to record something in Abbey Road Studios for tv. Here is a link of Abbey Road street camera http://www.webviews.co.uk/network/camera/england/london/abbeyroadbeatlescam.html Goog luck!!!!
  8. Here i found another interview in HD from his first GIG in Glastonbury in 2007!!!
  9. Hi! :bye: Welcome to the MFC! :biggrin2:

    Have you written an introduction to yourself yet?

    If not, you can write it in the 'Introductions & Goodbyes' section, just for getting to know you a little :biggrin2:


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