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  1. Ahaha.. I knew if I came here I could find out who was singing on Reprise without having to ask (which I'm sure it has been). Thank you. What an album. I'm still on a HIGH HIGH HIGH after seeing Mika 5 times in North America. Other than those stupid jerks at Ace Theatre, it was an amazing tour and one that I am so glad I did. So close to Mika and the stage I could have touched his toes.
  2. As long as your friend knows people will be standing up and dancing and not sitting in their seats, fine.
  3. He started at around 9. Opening singer had short set. Accoustic BTW, I was right of stage, great view of piano & lighting was good. I'm heading there tonight.
  4. What a show!! Full of Mika jumps & high energy. So hot, I kept on thinking in the old days, he would have lost the shirt... ❤️💃🏼
  5. awesome! is there any place to meet up? 3 rd right facing stage!
  6. Anyone meeting before queueing? I’m here now, am hungry and ready for show!
  7. I'm going as soon as I put my stuff down at the hotel, late afternoon, I think.
  8. Tic-Toc, goes the clock. 6 more days. I am so excited! 6 years it's been.
  9. I am so excited!!!! In 6 days I'll be in Brooklyn, NY seeing Mika for the first time since 2013, in Denver and that was a very small show, not a production like this will be. Totally ready to dance. Looking forward to meeting the OG's of the fan club, too. In my business, it is a good thing to be called an OG, as it means you're been around forever and know your stuff - as it is used now. 

  10. I've been looking for things to wear to concerts and found this adorable hat on Etsy. It's sold out, but for you crafty types, I'm sure you could make one similar.
  11. I'm so very, very excited for my Mika tour. Just like the Deadheads used to follow the Dead around, I'm following Mika around. I have tickets to every concert here in the states. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you. I haven't been on the East coast or Canada for years.
  12. No fan pre-sale? Probably because we bought them all. I arrive on the 12th in NYC and could go to this one too. I guess they are available tomorrow at 10 am Eastern time.