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  1. No fan pre-sale? Probably because we bought them all. I arrive on the 12th in NYC and could go to this one too. I guess they are available tomorrow at 10 am Eastern time.
  2. I can't wait. Bring cake. Lol.. Your creations are beautiful. I might even have to nudge Patty. A reunion! Light up jewelry, glitter ... silly string. He's so huge in Europe now, small venues like this.. rare, if at all. Am I right? Asking others...
  3. Hi Christine! I'm coming to Montreal and hope to see you again. After years. :) 

    1. Christine


      Oh that's great! I am going to be in reserved seating but I'm sure our paths will cross before/after the shows. Do you know where you're staying yet?

    2. sarac


      yes, it is a cute little loft 

      Rue Coursol, Montréal, QC H3J 1C8


      Looks like it is very close to a Metro and the club is right near a Metro, too. I haven't been to Montreal for years ('84 for Jacksons). We'd come up from Burlington, VT. 


      Maybe, maybe I'll get super lucky and see good foliage on the drive up.

    3. Christine


      Ah cool. We've been having such late summers in recent years it may still be green but I'm sure it will be a lovely drive nonetheless.

  4. Gosh it's been forever since I've been over here, but that doesn't mean I have ever stopped loving Mika and finding happiness through his songs. Soooo, since he hasn't been in the US in ages and I'm at a point where I can do this.... I have tickets to all 5 shows - NY, two in Montreal, one in SF and one in LA. A Mika tour, just like a Deadhead following the Grateful Dead on tour. I've got my flights and airbnb's booked. Since both of my adult kids now live in Europe, I'm also hoping to catch a few shows when I'm visiting them. With a new grandbaby, I'll be over a lot. When I first started following Mika he had less than what, 30, 000? 25,000 followers on Twitter. I hope I get a chance to meet him again and he doesn't hurt his frigging foot and have to hold back performing.
  5. WTF?? I'm listening to BBC Radio 1, Grimmy is talking about Steven Tyler and not recognizing him and then another announcer says, someone came up to him on the street and wanted a picture because they thought he was "the fading popstar Mika"... I'd like to smack whomever it was that said that. Must be some kind of breakfast show plug or something.
  6. I just realized that if my daughter goes to school in Berlin I can plan to visit her around Mika concerts!!! Woot!!!
  7. No special powers! Just happened to get lucky. After how this year started out, I need something good to happen. Now... when is Mr. Mika going to come back to the US??
  8. I got my limited edition one today!!!! I called all over the states and made a friend at the Pentagon/VA/DC Swatch store and he got one for me, called me immediately and it should be on it's way to me now!!!!! Swatch US told me yesterday that they are sold out (the 50 extra coming to states) and are already pre-sold. If someone cancels, you might be able to get one. I am so frigging happy!! I now will have both of them!!!
  9. Was me that posted on the Swatch FB page. They replied Nov 19/20 will be available in the states/webshop. I'm just going to put a reminder on my calendar and call/order then. I like the blue one!
  10. Thank you for the birthday wishes!

  11. Happy birthday ♥

  12. Dear Mika, After having a 100% crappy day yesterday, I had a terrific dream that I got to see you in concert again and you were chatting with me throughout the show. It was so fun. I really needed a good happy dream. Your italien is coming along very nicely. Best wishes for continued success!
  13. Posting pics over under my profile. Having a tad trouble uploading to MFC. Try here:
  14. Really quick. Awesome. He played all three new songs, I don't even know the names of them, but Century Man was played. We got him to play longer!! He played Lola, Rain, Over my Shoulder, which was beautiful. He sang Elle Me Dit auf french! Met lots of neat people. Took pics, phone then of course, died. We queued after show and Mika came out real fast and signed/hi-fived etc. Manager was grumpy. Took a look at all of us in the alley, said, ****! and then went back inside. I totally forgot to say anything to him about the MFC. /bad me. Such a small venue, it was great. Mama Penniman was there as well. T-shirts for sale. Minimal sizes & no tour specific t-s... ie, pic of him on piano/intimate show. Cash only, no credit cards, but oh the ATM machine is right there for a $3.00 fee. He was looking forward to his day off. Absolutely lovely show. Pics later, it's almost 1 a.m. & I have to work tomorrow. I hope it's not another 3 years or so until I see him again. Now I'll pass him on to the next city. Enjoy!
  15. No popping possible. I live about 35 miles away. That's what I was early to go. Oh well, I'll go when I go and get there when I do. This will be first time hearing new music for me from him.