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  1. what is access code for sales please


    1. silver


      Should be Revelation2020

    2. sarac


      Got it thank you! 


  2. can you please check as to why I'm getting this error message? Thank you. I'm buying tickets today & want to read info/presale code. Thank you. 

    Sorry, there is a problem

    The page you are trying to access is not available for your account.

    Error code: 2S100/2


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    2. sarac


      the one Deb put up.. I think - let me see. 

      Mika Announces North American Tour!

      dcdeb posted a blog entry in LATEST OFFICIAL MIKA NEWS, 23 hours ago

    3. silver


      Yeah, we're having problems with this page.  If you click on View All at the bottom of the page, then you should be able to read the item

    4. sarac


      thank you. :) 


  3. I am so excited!!!! In 6 days I'll be in Brooklyn, NY seeing Mika for the first time since 2013, in Denver and that was a very small show, not a production like this will be. Totally ready to dance. Looking forward to meeting the OG's of the fan club, too. In my business, it is a good thing to be called an OG, as it means you're been around forever and know your stuff - as it is used now. 

  4. Hi Christine! I'm coming to Montreal and hope to see you again. After years. :) 

    1. Christine


      Oh that's great! I am going to be in reserved seating but I'm sure our paths will cross before/after the shows. Do you know where you're staying yet?

    2. sarac


      yes, it is a cute little loft 

      Rue Coursol, Montréal, QC H3J 1C8


      Looks like it is very close to a Metro and the club is right near a Metro, too. I haven't been to Montreal for years ('84 for Jacksons). We'd come up from Burlington, VT. 


      Maybe, maybe I'll get super lucky and see good foliage on the drive up.

    3. Christine


      Ah cool. We've been having such late summers in recent years it may still be green but I'm sure it will be a lovely drive nonetheless.

  5. Thank you for the birthday wishes!

  6. No popping possible. I live about 35 miles away. That's what I was early to go. Oh well, I'll go when I go and get there when I do. This will be first time hearing new music for me from him.

  7. Hi Christine!

    Here's what I've learned pre-show about the merchandise being sold. This concert has a t, and apparently (unless he's sold them all now) there are some old ones for sale as well. Will need to confirm with Lucy. I don't know when to go and queue!! I don't think he has ever played Denver before, has he?

  8. Are you the one whose parents very, very nicely got shirts for us and you have a little sister? I remember you, if so..:)

  9. I was responding to your posting of Happy Birthday to me. You have a french quote, so that's where I got that from.

    It's all good :)

  10. Thank you for the birthday wishes. That was very nice of you. I come & go on this site. Now that Mika is coming to the US, I'm getting excited but I don't know if I can afford to go see him in LA. I live in Colorado and I'd rather see him in LA then in Chicago.

    Are you french?

  11. Hi Deb!

    @saracsit here from teh twitta, yo (gang sign). Anywho. I did dm Ellen, why and how she follows me I don't know. I did tweet her a LOT before he came on her show and now she follows me since 2009, so what the heck. I asked her to take Portia and go because I can't and because I know it's going to be so, so, much fun. Told her the date and where he will be playing. I'll send a few reminders, I'm sure she could always go without having tickets. Who knows! I write good catchy lines, I may get her attention.

    How's DC these days? Oh wait, it's August. It's humid, hot and hazy but good corn and tomato season.


    Sara C

  12. Anyway. Or what else is interesting is to google @mikasounds and then go to realtime. You can see the HUGE jump when he tweeted on the 1st and aargh, it's ****ing scary what is all there...

    However, like I say, if someone is going to be able to find what I say on the internet and what I have under my many aliases.. then I'm saying what I want to say. **** it.

    I bet you'd be fun to drink time...

  13. If person below really wanted to be taken seriously, they would change their avatar at the very least... /duh

    What I came over to tell you about is I think it is an awesome marketing tool for musicians and the really neat thing is..when you/me post something about an artist, it gets marked on the map, the info that you can see from place, to time of post, to number of fan increases/plays increased, compare song in market to another song, see where your fans are and when they are on and market to them. attention to. I live in Boulder and went to a start-up job fair and found out about them, I put Duck Sauce on, (you can enter musicians into the database) and updated most of Plan B's info, told Patrick Stump (from Fall out Boy - he DM'd ME!!)'s management about it. Bunch of young boys with some serious money from Fountry ($$$ also in Boulder).

  14. See... Me! SaraCsIt! Hopefully the mild earthquake didn't cause any Toronto area MFC'ers to freak out

  15. GD it! Stupid iTunes still has that Japanese pop singer named Mika on OUR MIKA page.

    Music > Pop > Mika....and there she is. I wrote them again and will continue to. Bunch of moe rons.

  16. sarac

    Rose, did you see my tweet about V to you? I love that show. The woman in it was in Serenity (if you saw that movie/tv show)...

  17. Hi! Oh yes, I got laid off gosh, I guess in September and I haven't even started looking for work yet. I just today filed for unemployment. I still have some money for awhile..

  18. Hi Luna!

    Luna like the little black kitty in Sailor Moon? I have a kitty named P.D. for Prince Darien. Of course, if you don't know Sailor Moon then you probably just think I'm babbling.

    Welcome. It's a good group. I'm sure you will learn your way around and meet interesting people here.

    Besides, we all share the LOVE for Mika..

  19. have you looked at I think they have them all around the world. I rented a place when I went to Maui from their listings.

  20. Your english is just fine! Welcome and I'm a big Spain football fan! I lived in Germany and as an American I went to an immersion school for 6 weeks to learn German but never got the grammar down at all. I ended up speaking gramatically incorrect German and writing it badly as well, but the important thing is to try. I will let you know if I find a version of him singing Relax.

  21. Hee hee.. naughty the gig thread. Tsk, tsk...

  22. CONGRATS on the WIN! It was beautiful to hear Oh, Canada. Is French the national language now? I thought I heard them announce first in French and then English. I had to take my cat to the vet and leave right after the game was over so I haven't had a chance yet to congrats all the Canadians.. Well deserved gold metal win at home.

  23. Hey Christine! Let's see, oh yeh, totally agree on the iTunes thing. I have written them two different times because they have this Japanese pop girl named Mika showing up on "his" page. No response yet.

    Still there too.

  24. I'm so glad you had a great first Mika gig. I loved reading your report.