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  1. Relisted on eBay. When it's gone it's gone!
  2. Cute idea to include Michelangelo's David in the cover art. Same hairstyle! Why did they remove the animation of the cover art from Mika's instagram?
  3. So exciting! Finally a new single! The title is very MIKA. Is he making a play on the words Ice Cream = I scream?
  4. Btw, here's the cover for this EP and the frog icon in HQ!
  5. If someone is interested in Songs For Sorrow book/EP, I listed it on Discogs I'm open to negotiate. Message me your best offer.
  6. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to let this one go... 😢😓 (Some financial problems, long story...)
  7. Aww just saw your message! Thank you for the birthday wishes! Hope you're havin' a good week! x

  8. Aww just saw your message! thank you! :)

  9. Well couldn't resist and also ordered the smaller one in blue with CD. I'm surprised it was cheap actually... Kinda regret ordering the bigger one at mikasounds :\ #FML
  10. Yeah I agree it sucks about the "fake" limited ed numbers... Couldn't they just tell us there are like 5,000 dolls for once? In the end I'm sure they'd all sell anyway. The same happened with the WAG vinyl. I bought it thinking I'd get a limited edition and I got the no. 2500 and something... It's just wrong! I like to get these items but they should tell us the truth.
  11. Just ordered one! Can't believe I'm finally getting one! I'm so happy!
  12. Where can I find Rain Acoustic? My favourite song off the new album.