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  1. I can't can't wait, in fact going to start getting ready now
  2. mikasounds: party TONIGHT Ground Floor Bar 186 Portobello Road drinks are on me from 6:30pm SEE YOU THERE x woooo
  3. Looks like I'm going on my lonesome at the moment since all my mates are busy! I have the underside of my hair dyed pink so if you see me please say hello, although here's hoping enough booze will help me make friends
  4. Annakajima

    A Hoy Hoy

    Oh, and also good to mention that the underside of my hair is bright pink, that might help
  5. Annakajima

    A Hoy Hoy

    20 rounds of Orange juice it is then
  6. Annakajima

    A Hoy Hoy

    I know, I did feel a little bit guilty, but I have joined so it's hopefully rectified! I shall be wearing neon pink shoes and my yellow mika shirt!!!
  7. Annakajima

    A Hoy Hoy

    Hiya, you look lovely today, are those new shoes? Anyhoo, through the magic of Twitter and the brilliance of Mika I won a pair of Paul O'Grady tickets and obviously the next stage was to join the website (which was sacraligious that I hadn't already) and say a huggggeeeee THANK YOU for the linky! Was so freaking happy to win that my fella couldn't understand a word I was saying for 20 minutes and hung up the phone So now I'm just saying howdy, my first live Mika fix was at Brixton, his re-scheduled gig in February, and it's been pretty much love since then! Looking forward to the 21st now, plus just waiting for the details of his free drinks tonight *hurrah* Hope you all have an awesome day Love Anna xx
  8. I'm pretty convinced I'm going to ditch going to my boyfriends house in favour of Mika and free drinks! I love Londonium!
  9. Hello Hello Hello!!! Thanks to the awesomeness of Twitter and your forum I won tickets to see Mika too! I shall be there with bells on and my french friend Angelique So very very excited and looking forward to seeing you there Anna xx