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  1. I say you play "Relax" 'cuz there is never a time that someone (including ourselves) needs to take that advice! So "Take it Easy!"
  2. The weekend has arrived! Flying to LA at 7am tomorrow morning for the Hollywood show, back to SF the next day for the Oakland show, then off to OZ a few weeks later for the Sydney show: Cost: hundreds of $$'s; seeing Mika Live: PRICELESS!

  3. Hey Nick...


    I see you're a few months older than me! :bleh:

  4. Thanks! Looking forward to a great trip to OZ!
  5. Hi all. Quick post here: I'll be going to the LA, Oakland, and Sydney shows and would love to meet up and chat with fellow Mika fans!
  6. Welcome to the MFC!!! :huglove:

    WOO HOO I can't wait to see Mika on the 16th in NYC either!!! :naughty:

  7. Can't wait to see MIKA in concert on October 24th at The Fox Theatre in Oakland, CA!!!!

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