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  1. Ah! Seria a Sweet, dona da comunidade do Mika no orkut? Que legal! Depois que minha mãe me deu o nome, mais umas 5 amigas copiaram, hehehe. Beijo!
  2. Já tô indo conferir o tópico português. O brasileiro tá meio parado, mas eu postei lá de volta de todo jeito. Valeu pelo comentário, tomara que o Mika goste também!!! Beijo! Opa, brigadão! Tomara que o vídeo ajude a trazer o Mika pro Brasil, a gente não consegue mais esperar a vinda dele!
  3. Que bom que o Mika já confirmou que vai pra Portugal. Só falta fazer o mesmo com o Brasil!!!

  4. If anybody wanna see my WAG video, it's here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmUJb9GOAvI Hug y'all
  5. Yes, I've known this site for a while. My username there is Tuca. If you wanna, you can see my WAG video there. Thanks!
  6. Thank y'all! Huggin' everyone! Hope it too! I've heard a lot about it, but it launched just today here in Brazil! A friend of mine bought it to me as a gift, but I still have to wait the weekend is over to have it in hands!! Try to imagine the anxiety! Then double it, Oi, Cibele, tudo bem? Nossa, brigado pelos comentários, hehehe. Foi você quem postou no twitter o link? Uma Isabela lá da comu no orkut falou que "a Cibele postou no twitter" e me pegou de surpresa! Eu achava que só a Roberta e algumas pessoas que postaram no youtube sabiam do vídeo, quando recebi uma DM d
  7. guylainem123 Thank you willywonka Já vou favoritar aqui ambos, ehehe! Hugs/Abraços
  8. Hey, I'm new here! I've already posted on the WAG competition thread, but I've never introduced myself. My name's Arthur and I'm from Brazil (like it's in the title and in my username, already:biggrin2:). I liked Mika's music since I've seen his adaptation of Big Girl in an Ugly Betty promo, which I loved! It was two years ago. Then I discovered the LICM cd, adored it(!) and introduced to my friends (some of them are HUGE fans now). It's still playing on my mp3 player. Daily. Then in a few moths I've heard about the book of Songs For Sorrow and a friend helped me to import it. It w
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