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  1. :sneaky2: na i avoided it for a couple of days :thumb_yello:


    :freak: i have ben in since tho and luckily havent seen him yet :bash:


    :eek: he was horrible & so was his mate, glad i aint seen him cos you know what my mouth is like when i get going :taz::toot::toot:


    :sleep_1: me going bed now to conserve my energy for saturday

  2. :teehee: so do i :naughty:


    :das: its gonna be a great night :clap:


    :tongue2: shame roys gotta be in work sunday morning cos its gonna be one to remember :puking: :puking: :lol3:


    :eek: keep everything crossed for me that it turns up :yay:



  3. :teehee:its black, with kinda crossover top:yikes::eek:a bit longer than you would normally wear im afraid :mfr_lol: but looks good on :boing::boing:


    dnt say anything in case it dont turn up and i end up in my jeans again :rolls_eyes:


    have to wait and see for more info :das::naughty:



  4. hehehe oh well let him:biggrin2:


    can you believe im wearing a dress too if it turns up in time, dont tell roy tho i want it to be a surprise:wink2::wink2::naughty:


    i ordered it from the internet its supposed to be delivered to me mum 2moz so fingers crossed:yikes:


    roys just jealous the you f*cked mika b4 he got a chance to :licks_lips::lol3::das::das:

  5. hahahaha yeah i told him when i was pissed :lmao:


    he said im just as sad as you now :crybaby:


    i've been ill all week had a stinking cold and cough but i fink alcohol will help on saturday :das::das::das::lmao::lmao:

  6. na dont seem to be, i havent spoken to him but from what roy says hes a bit confused. roys going back with him next time, c what happens then.


    u ok, u looking forward to saturday??:thumb_yello::teehee::naughty:

  7. thanks kate, i just realised that one. god help me please edit those pics before putting them on lol

  8. is that us from last night?????????? lol

  9. yeah im just really tired, not used to getting up before lunch time on a sunday. good night tho weren't it

  10. hahahahahaha, good job i've had a few vodka's lol...................