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  1. Aw, I'm glad that you like it here :biggrin2: !

    Haha, I can imagine. I love traveling. Not that I get to do as much of it as I wish I could, but yeah :aah:


    If I'd been in your situation, I'd probably turn into someone even more boring than I already am (haha :aah: ).. Of.. Shock. Lala. I probably hadn't been able to say anything at all.. Orrrrrrr.. Really really reaallyyyy bad English. :sneaky2::naughty:


    MFC peeps are good to have around in situations like that! :roftl::biggrin2:

  2. I love it in Norway!!! It's beautiful and Norwegians are great people! :D It's been fun to travel a bit around Europe as well, I had never been out of the States before this year! Basically I'm not looking forward to going home, haha!


    Yeah OMG...I basically had no words, just gave him the CD...and I think I said something super boring like "Thank you, the show was awesome..." Ahhhhh!!!! it's weird, I guess I was so in shock that I barely even remember that moment........but, I did meet some other fan club people and they reminded me to breathe, thank goodness! :P

  3. That is so cool. How do you like it here in Norway?


    Haha, I guess Norwegian ain't that easy. ...I don't want to think about my facial expression if I had gotten the chance to meet him. I'd probably just stare at him with frightened eyes, but overly happy ofc- and hand him whatever I had found for him to sign. Without saying a word :mf_rosetinted:

  4. I'm from the States but I'm studying this year in Bø, in Telemark. I'm studying Norwegian so it was cool to hear Mika trying to speak it, lol! When I met him I wanted to tell him that I understood the difficulty of it and everything but basically I just handed him my CD with a dazed look on my face....haha. Predictable, I guess! :D

  5. Yeah, I know, right? Ugg. Oh well, there will come other chances like this *convinces herself:aah: *


    I'm from Årnes. It's like an hour+/- or so from Oslo:biggrin2:

    Where are you from? >:3 ..


    Scarred, indeed. I still can't stop smiling. The show was AMAZIIIIIIIING.

  6. Hey! Bummer that you didn't get to stay after the show :( We met a few people who had late trains to catch...such a bummer...we lucked out and found some friends to stay with over night, so we were able to stay out late! :D Where are you from in Norway?


    PS...I agree, the show was AMAZING, I'm totally scarred for life as well!!!!

  7. Sorry about my late reply, but thank you for the birthday message :biggrin2:


    how are you doing? ^-^

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :yay:

  9. Awww, but I love you BECAUSE you're a boring human being!:roftl:


    I've just been visiting family really over Christmas. Spent Christmas day with my boyfriend's family, it was really nice! I had a lovely time. What did you do over Christmas? Get any nice presents?:naughty:


    *luffs* xxx

  10. Thank you, dear!^^


    So.. What have you been up to lately?:biggrin2:

    ima go read some manga now. I'm tiered:aah: Christmas can be so dramatic!:roftl:


    Loveyou snusken

    xxx !


    (shortest, and most boring message in the history of my boringness?! I'm so sorry for beeing such a boring human being!:blink:)

  11. Hello Princess:biggrin2:


    Haha aww, I'd like that! Yeah hopefully you won't be such a busy bee! Your dress won't look crap on you, you'll look AMAZING!:teehee: Anyway I wish you only the very best Christmas and new year! :newyear:


    LOVE YOU SNUSKEN:roftl: That word still makes me smile *hugs* xxx

  12. Hello Love!

    My busy days are over (I HOPE!), so I'm guessing it will get easier to talk to me these days xD!


    Right now I’m waiting for my brother to get out of the shower, cuz it’s my turn! Haha:aah:. We’re all running around the house getting dressed for Christmas. I hope my dress won’t look like crap on me >

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS, LOVE! Hope you’ll have a WONDERFUL evening.:newyear:


    Much Love to you from me, snusken! xxx :wub2:

  13. PT2

    Oh you're still gushing about him in part two:roftl: That's adorable! Yeah so far so good!!


    I had a lot of fun at the xmas party thank you. I had a reaaaally bad hangover though! Did I say that in the last message? I can't remember:blush-anim-cl: Anyway, I HAD A REALLY BAD HANGOVER:naughty: Hmm, I don't think I've been as boring as usual. You'll be disappointed:roftl:


    Love youuuuu Princess:mf_lustslow: lol xxx

  14. Oh don't be silly Ine you're not a traitor. It's always a nice surprise when you message anyway, the fact that you're busy just makes it MORE special:roftl:

    Oh well as I've probably mentioned I'm unemployed at the moment, so I'm having an extra long Christmas holiday:naughty: I have faaaar too much spare time on my hands!


    Awwww Henrik. Gorgeous is he? Pics please?:teehee: Yeah I'm not into sports either, but there's always gonna be some interests you don't share. But he hates football, that is a HUGE HALLELJUAH:lmao: I hate football as well haha! Ooh karate that's pretty cool, what belt is he?


    I know what you mean, you mean he's shy but not very shy around YOU anymore. My boyfriend is exactly the same, he's sooooo shy but he can talk to me okay. You sound so cute when you talk about Henrik, it sounds like a really good thing you've got going with him here:teehee:

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