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  1. Muuuuito que bom... e que pena que não vai dar procê ir também. 😧 Mas vamos ter outras oportunidades de ir, sem dúvidas. NEM FALE!!!
  2. Amorecos, como alguns sabem, tou morando em Limoges, na França, e minha $ituação não tá da$ melhore$ ainda, por isso que não fui a nenhum show ainda. E, claro, não vou conseguir à nenhum dos concertos no BR. 😧 Mas vocês todos vão, né?
  3. TOU AQUI !!! meu Deus, quanto tempo que não vinha nessa casinha linda de viver !
  4. ME TOOOOOO !!! after all these years !!! coooool !! 🥰
  5. yeah... but I never went to a gig. When Mika went to Brazil I was under age for the festival he played... and yeeees !!! I'm living in Limoges now, I came here to continues my studies.
  6. Are there still left tickets for the Strasbourg's gig ? (I'm still thinking that's all a dream) 🥴🥰
  7. It maybe'll be 1st Mika's gig after a 12-year-waiting time and I just can't control myself about it hehe
  8. And 61547156184846 years after... here I'm again !!!

    1. silver


      Long time no see.  Welcome back :bye:

    2. Wesley Müller

      Wesley Müller

      yeah, thank you!! I got little away from MFC's life...
      but i missed here and all you guys!

      And wow! MFC looks really different now. Liked it.

  9. If we have a better article, I'll be happy to translate. 😍😍😍
  10. The guy wanted to say that Mika's looking for a brazilian boyfriend... 🙄🙄🙄 He should have done some more research... Hahah
  11. Looooool This article is teeeeerrible!!! They talk like Mika's here to find a brazilian boyfriend (Andy, are you brazilian? 😂), for a featuring with Anitta (a brazilian pop singer that's doing feats with everyone) and they also said that he was at the Museu do Amanhã (Tomorrow's Museum - that's in Rio's downtown) but he was at the Museum of Contemporary Art at Niterói, a close city to Rio. Anyway, if you want I can translate it later. But it's a terrible article. 🙃🙃🙃
  12. *cof cof* Gente... Quanta poeira nessa casa! Hahah Ainda temos habitantes nessa nave louca ou todos debandaram? 😜 Anyway, does anyone knows if Mika'll do something here as a concert, interview etc etc? Something that's expected to find some fans... 🤔
  13. Well... If they do a concert here I hope can get a ticket... Hahahha
  14. Oh la la... But is it something for Brazil or Europe? 🤔🤔 I'm really excited about Mika's in Brazil! 😍😍😍
  15. Hello everyone! Long time I didn't come here... Does anyone knows what Mika is doing here? (I'm from Rio) *Aah*
  16. Ainda não aprendi a fazer multi quote nesse treco... HELP!!! Hahah Ah... a casinha tá bem clean... um tico até demais... 8-) mas tá linda... Huhu Saudades docês... ❤ NEM FALE, MARA....Só imagino Mika e violão numa praia daqui cantando... Deus do céu... Huhu
  17. Merci beaucoup, Charlie 20 !!! Ok... I must say that I just can read one thing: Amérique du Sud... OH GOD :ooh:
  18. ❤❤❤❤ Thank you, Michael!!!!! And, just saying, if someone wants to come to Rio, we are two making an invitation...
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