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  1. I'm going (yay!) and I'd definitely like to come to a meetup, especially as I'll probably be coming up by myself!
  2. awww mate, didn't even choose completely new songs ... sure loves his fleetwood mac
  3. MissPie

    Beautiful Disaster - Lyrics & Discussion

    I'm with people who said they didn't really understand much of it. i guess there's some references i'm missing out on, plus not understanding italian... it doesn't make me sad or resonate tbh. mostly i was mildly amused about mika awkwardly standing behind fedez during the rap parts and kind of impressed with the look of the "supermoon". that made the whole thing make a lot more sense actually... the bride is clearly a time lord yeah i had the same association! although it does have a bit of a different look / feel to a "typical" mika video
  4. Went ahead and bought a ticket - only got row N myself but given how bloody long it's been....
  5. MissPie

    Happy Birthday MFC!

    Happy Birthday to us
  6. MissPie

    New Mika Song in French: "Elle me dit"

    Awesome, I think I'll ask them about it as well. Oh yes. This has become a good friend to me...
  7. MissPie

    Say Something Random Part 11!!!

    It's the sunniest day of the whole week here. Way to go, boss
  8. MissPie

    New Mika Song in French: "Elle me dit"

    Ooh no, I'm on the video! Thanks ...and I should probably download the vid before it gets blocked again
  9. MissPie

    New Mika Song in French: "Elle me dit"

    We really should. I'm not positive it would get through to them, but if enough people join in, it might just work ... it did for Kick-Ass, didn't it? Huh, my YouTube tells me much less
  10. MissPie

    New Mika Song in French: "Elle me dit"

    I have a feeling I'll like it You're right I CANNOT wait.
  11. MissPie

    Say Something Random Part 11!!!

    Have this on repeat until Elle Me Dit comes out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RvvSz-O-lI
  12. MissPie

    Say Something Random Part 11!!!

    AWESOME! 15!! In Germany you can't drive before 17, and even then you need to have someone in the passenger seat with you till you're 18
  13. MissPie

    MIKA in Le Parisien 16.06.11

    (I kinda miss you and Keti, we should talk more.) More reason to buy their album ... they're kind of one of many artists I know a couple songs by and those are awesome, but I haven't bought the album yet or anything I am really looking forward to hearing more about the new songs ... all the names he's dropped, all the things he and other people have said sound so exciting, and so good ... July better come up fast!