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  1. I'm going (yay!) and I'd definitely like to come to a meetup, especially as I'll probably be coming up by myself!
  2. awww mate, didn't even choose completely new songs ... sure loves his fleetwood mac
  3. MissPie

    Beautiful Disaster - Lyrics & Discussion

    I'm with people who said they didn't really understand much of it. i guess there's some references i'm missing out on, plus not understanding italian... it doesn't make me sad or resonate tbh. mostly i was mildly amused about mika awkwardly standing behind fedez during the rap parts and kind of impressed with the look of the "supermoon". that made the whole thing make a lot more sense actually... the bride is clearly a time lord yeah i had the same association! although it does have a bit of a different look / feel to a "typical" mika video
  4. Went ahead and bought a ticket - only got row N myself but given how bloody long it's been....
  5. HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY!!! :huglove::partytime2:

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :hug:

  7. MissPie

    Happy Birthday MFC!

    Happy Birthday to us
  8. Maybe he's got a crappy connection ? I used to have one and it really pissed off some people :teehee:

    You can try one last time, if he still goes offline then let him go to hell :glasses2:

  9. :aah: No I WAS a guest student, I didn't do anyone :roftl:


    Ouch :teehee:


    Umm ... I'm okay. Just facebook-messaged one of the guys (he did tell me to), and he went offline. He's done that before, but I thought he wanted to talk to me :blink:

  10. You did a guest student ? :shocked::das::glasses2:


    I'm good. I have an annual function thing in my school and they selected me to do some yoga-dance thing so I'm breaking my back everyday :teehee:

    What about you :yay:

  11. Well ... long story short, I did a guest student ... thing for three months last year, and the agency deposited me in a village an hour from Dumfries. After much back and forth, I actually managed to find awesome friends in, like, the last week :aah:

    So now I'm visiting my host parents for two weeks and also going to school a bit because that's where most of the people are because not everyone at this school lives in that village :glasses2:

    So yeah. Two days left now :sad:


    How are you?

  12. Heheh :mf_rosetinted:


    Aww :wub2: , how come you're in Scotland ?

    Sounds lovely!