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  1. :aah: No I WAS a guest student, I didn't do anyone :roftl:


    Ouch :teehee:


    Umm ... I'm okay. Just facebook-messaged one of the guys (he did tell me to), and he went offline. He's done that before, but I thought he wanted to talk to me :blink:

  2. Well ... long story short, I did a guest student ... thing for three months last year, and the agency deposited me in a village an hour from Dumfries. After much back and forth, I actually managed to find awesome friends in, like, the last week :aah:

    So now I'm visiting my host parents for two weeks and also going to school a bit because that's where most of the people are because not everyone at this school lives in that village :glasses2:

    So yeah. Two days left now :sad:


    How are you?

  3. :teehee: I got that Mika Notebook they sold at the gigs last year, and it's still empty. So ... there you are.

    You should make him, like, doodle in it and then he's already ruined its blank perfection so you can use it as well :mf_rosetinted:


    I'm in the school library, in Scotland (it's cold! :aah:). But there are nice people here, so that's good :teehee:

    ...in fact, they're all so bloody lovely it'll be HEARTBREAKING to leave ... again :crybaby:

    (but I've still got a week so...) :wub2:

  4. Hm. Poor you.

    I'm currently in school as well, but because I want to ... sort of. Visiting my Scottish host family and school friends, so here I am :aah::naughty:

  5. wow, congratulations! :biggrin2:

    Thanks :teehee:


    OMG AWESOME! :boing: Will you even dare to write anything in it? :shocked:

    Congrats :huglove:

  6. Why do you still have to go? :boxed:

  7. Awww :huh: At least you're on MFC :teehee:


    It's strange that everyone's already in school again ... well, not everyone, but a lot of people! I still have three more weeks to go :aah:

    Or one week. I WILL be visiting my Scotspeople in school :teehee:

  8. Very well, thank you! Happy Mika's birthday :naughty:


    I'm spamming Mika pics on tumblr and stuff, Elle Me Dit pretty much on repeat ... yeah. :teehee:

  9. Hullo, how are you? :teehee:

  10. Yeah, for my standards....:aah:

    I keep trying to go online more, for my own good, really, but ... yeah. I'm sorry :sad:




    Awww ... how did that go?


    Naughty, I suppose. :dunno: Now that it's been out a while it's kinda not so important anymore...


    Happy Mika's Birthday :teehee:

  11. Uhh...ALBUM STUFF :roftl:

    Thanks :teehee:

  12. Right, so as you can tell, I am HORRIBLY unreliable when it comes to being on MFC :aah:


    Anyway, it was pretty great :teehee: As I said, pretty sunny, and we went to a restaurant in the evening where I had this Chicken with Lemon Sauce thing ... it was really good :roftl: And I almost told the (rather attractive) waiter that ... but then I couldn't because it would have sent me into giggle fits :aah:


    I got a book in French, which is great, because I don't want to lose my French over not taking it anymore next year, a really nice necklace, an iTunes Card (:kachinga:), some other stuff ... and one of my best friends drew David Tennant for me. It looks amazing! :shocked:


    So yeah. How are you?

  13. Thanks again! :wub2:


    Oh, it was amazing! I'll tell you more about it - probably tomorrow - when I have more time, cuz right now it's bedtime for me, but just so much: SUNNY, good food, swimming, cool presents :teehee:

  14. THANK YOU!! :boing::huglove:

    Had an awesome day :teehee:

  15. I'm doing very good, thank you :biggrin2: On holidays in Italy atm, and it's my birthday really soon, so that's cool :teehee:

    And of course I'm REALLY excited about the Mika news :boing:

  16. Ohai haven't been here in looong time :aah: I'm sorry! How have you been doing? :biggrin2:

  17. nah it's alright ... anyway, we're going out for dinner so i need to leave now :bye::huglove:

  18. yeah...all the time :aah: it's always pretty confusing with different school systems. I've come to expect it, but there's still always loads of questions you can ask

  19. aah ... we always had both art and music :blink:

  20. i got that..but i thought most people wouldn't bother then :dunno: whatever

  21. :huh: so basically no one takes music unless they play an instrument? At least everyone at my school would do that, I think...
  22. aaah that's awesome :aah: the only thing we ever did was descant recorder in, like, fifth grade ... but everyone was horrible except for the few people who'd played the recorder for longer (including me), so that wasn't a lot of fun..


    what would you do in class if you didn't play an instrument, then? :blink:

  23. :aah:

    SAME! Mainly because the actual music lessons aren't about music so much than about historical and current composers, operas, etc. I am in the school's choir, though :teehee:

  24. nice :naughty:

    here you have to keep PE, RE, Maths, German, History, Social Studies ... then you HAVE to take one foreign language and a Science at least, can have another of one of those. Then decide between Geography and Economics, between Music and Art... yeah. I think that's about it. Plust there's seminars :aah: