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  1. hallo, i rarely come to mfc now haha... lol
  2. sorry i'm kinda outdated, but anyone know names of the new band members??
  3. exactly, and i remember at that time he told interviewers he took a week to work on Kick Ass, then he told people that he took 2 days to get it done in later interviews
  4. awww finally seeing mika play again! celebrate live must be amazing anyone knows his new band members' name or else? tho i miss his old band...
  5. same here in hong kong and i remembered a Universal Hong Kong staff told us Mika got lots of promotion and supports here when he was still fresh and just kicked off his career with LICM. She said it's already become difficult for the 2nd time he came here (the time when he had his first public gig in hk). promotion and relevant events/contests are not well-known by people here, imo their promotion are quite inefficient... there was a 'contest' of the first 10 ppl who email the organiser will get a chance to the M&G after the gig. the contest was announced the day before i recognised it (and shame, i wouldnt hv known this if it wasnt a foreign MFCer posting it), then few of us emailed the organiser and still won the contest. you can imagine how the promotion for Mika is like here after the first time he came... and the most recent time is even worse imo... i kinda feel the promotion is partly relying on the Tofu thing
  6. true... i find it weird too, there isnt even a short instrumental/jingle of KA appearing in the movie, but they call his song the theme song... i understand quite a large part of his fans are french/living in france, and the releasing of Elle me dit is kinda a gift (?) for them; but as he has been away for some time... i do think his uk fans and fans from rest of the world would love to have an english single as well... and it is not that he hasnt had any english songs done. i know some places like Korea plays Elle me dit on their radio (if i didnt remember it wrongly), and it's so appreciated and great thing to hear, but for most radios of non-french-speaking areas i believe, they will find playing a french song frequently strange. i dont know, but just feeling weird... and yes i missed those days he played piano on stage happily too...
  7. thank you again Eriko; aww he's amazing, miss him so much but i hv no idea what he's talking other than merci
  8. ありがとう and THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! 祝大家心想事成!
  9. wow and i found jack steadman was born in my hometown
  10. so young and talented lads... their live are EPIC!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
  11. the latest stuff i heard from jack steadman are his own tunes on soundcloud, currently they're touring so he made some tunes when he's in a new/different place *high5!!!*
  12. just to see if any fans of BBC are here i'm recently quite into this band and their music (& Jack Steadman!!!) so... (if there's already a thread for them pls remove this and lead me there thanks )
  13. awwhhhh i cannot help thinking of you amazing girls and mika!!!!!!!!

    forgive me for being a(n annoying) fan of you all now XDD

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