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  1. David was one of the first members of MFC that I spoke to, and that connected with me on twitter. Always a positive and inspiring person, and though I never had the pleasure of meeting him, I've always enjoyed our little chats online. So sad to hear of this news, and may he rest in peace.
  2. Happy Birthday Weezey (another year gone by!)

  3. What a shame I'm the only one that voted for L'Amour Fait Ce Qu'il Veut!!! Really love that one.
  4. Thankyou Silver! x

  5. Happy Birthday Weezey :hug:



  6. Exactly! At first I actually thought it was We Are The People and got super confused
  7. OH MY GOD MOUSTACHE. I LOVE IT. HE LOOKS SO CLASSY. AAAH. Come on guys, it looks cool.
  8. I don't get as excited about music announcements any more as I used to because there's so much more you can access now on the internet, but Mika will always have a soft spot in my heart! I'M READY FOR THIS.
  9. If you squint your eyes a bit, it's a bit clearer. I FEEL LIKE I CAN SEE A VOLCANO IN THE BACKGROUND.
  10. WOAH, Mika's working in Hans Zimmer's studio? I love the songs he wrote on the Lion King soundtrack, beautiful
  11. IT IS LYING!!!!!


    Thankyou! It were right good. :biggrin2:

  12. :blink: MFC told me you were 18.... :blink:


    ah well, hope you had a great day :biggrin2::huglove:

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