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  1. Thanks!! I've just sent the link to that video to the Facebook page
  2. Playlist with my vids: Including the one I recorded from the stage
  3. I'm exhausted physically and mentally but I managed to upload my pics: The concert was AMAZING!!!! The security of the venue were quite keen on the number system and once we got around 100 numbers they kept the list. Thanks to the girl that spoke with them in French (sorry I don't know your name!), and thanks to Jojotje for the help organising the people in order. Is true it was a bit early to start forming the queue, but it was when the security guys put some fences creating a corridor and there was already 70-something people there. I was the one recording the audience from the stage in Love You When You Are Drunk I think I'm still in shock!!! Thanks to Leire and Miri to help me jump to the stage, it wasn't too high but I'm rubbish at climbing! I tried to do my best with the video but my legs were shacking a bit, is very impresive to be in front of so many people and next to the man himself... so sorry if I the footage is not brilliant!! I'll post the video (and the rest I recorded) tomorrow when it finishes uploading
  4. Sure you can :) with the watermark is enough. Gosh I haven't had time yet to post them here myself!

  5. Can i borrow some of your pics from the gig in CPH, to my facebook?:)

    should i write they are for you, or is it enough with your watermark?

  6. It was short but after almost one year without seeing him live it felt like heaven These are the pics I took: And the videos (still need to upload a couple more):
  7. Happy Birthday



  8. Happy Birthday !!!!



  9. I really enjoyed this festival, Mika was exuberant and sexy as hell It was great to meet some of the Romanian fans My pics: And my videos: The sound is saturated thanks to the dozen of bloody loudspeakers in front of us... Playlist (without soundcheck):
  10. I've found his t-shirt Is the white version of this one: I didn't know about Sailor Jerry, it seems he's a very famous tattooer...
  11. I had the amazing opportunity of being at this gig. When Mika told us to get closer I left the camera in my bag, so I didn't take pics/vids... thank you SO MUCH to everybody who recorded the gig!!! I think almost everything has been said/seen... as an anecdote the guy who recorded the audio told us he really enjoyed the gig, and he could barely focus on the recording... he also told that in about a week they would post a new vlog with some of that footage (let's hope!)