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  1. will we get a chance to meet him?!! or at least say hi?! or give him a present!! i will travel all the way there just to give him face-to-face a gift that i've made!!!
  2. hey guys! vote for mine if u can, the "Rain Mix" one =) i shall do the same for u!!
  3. awww, that's nice ! so does anyone know his shirt size (for the white t-shirts?)
  4. does he actually read all the tweets on twitter?
  5. i would love to give it to him face to face! but the thing is i don't know when he'll come back to the US, and i am going to england this summer, but i dk if i'll be able to find him! and asking if he got on twitter would be a possibility but i'm afraid that he won't see my post..!
  6. but i'm in the middle of nowhere in the US!
  7. So there are many people out there who have something to give Mika, and won't be able to see him anytime soon within the year! Is there anyway or place that I could send him something? A customized t-shirt for example?
  8. Does anyone know what is 21 Horsham road, and why its in his album?? thnx!