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  1. Thank you so much for posting! I think I'm going to skip dinner too
  2. My first signature Mika signed my collage after the Amsterdam gig!
  3. Thanks! Some pictures were a bit blurry/hazy, but I posted the best ones!
  4. I took also a few pictures! But the quality isn't really good.. My first signature! He was quite in a hurry after the gig, but he was so nice and he said 'Hi' to me!
  5. Yesterday was a great day! We arrived at 14.15 so we were too late for the first 100 people. But we had a place almost at the front of the other queue so we had a good change to get a good place as well! The waiting was very cold, I wore my Allstar shoes and they get really wet by the rain. By the time we could enter the building, I didn't feel my feet anymore, it felt like they were dead But the waiting was absolutely worth it! We had a good place, almost in the middle of the stage at the 5th row. The show was great! I loved that he also made an heart of his hands when the audience d
  6. Yey it's today! :biggrin2: My friend works this morning and she will arrive here about 13.00 - 14.00. We have to drive about an hour so we will be there between 14.00 - 15.00. I'm really excited and a bit nervous now!!
  7. I am really looking forward to tomorrow!!!! What time are you going to the hall? I want to be there early and have a good spot! I go with a friend, but it would be lovely to meet some of you MFC'ers! (But I am a little bit shy )
  8. Yesterday was my first Mika Gig, and it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! My parents and I arrived about 12.00 in Antwerpen! We first went some shopping in the centre and after the shopping we went to the Sportpaleis at about 15.00 - 16.00. I was number 94 so I was allowed to enter earlier and I was really happy! I had a great spot, second row before the piano! I think I saw some of you MFC'ers, but didn't meet you. I guess I'm a little bit shy Mika was really great, he sounded amazing and he looked so happy! He was really enthousiastic and he danced a lot! And the vibe was wonderful. I sang
  9. I love this thread! I like photography as well, especially taking pictures of animals.
  10. All the signatures are great, love the ones with hearts! I hope I can meet him after my first gig in Antwerp or maybe in Amsterdam! I would love to have a signature to! Wauw, your shoes are amazing! Did you draw them yourself?
  11. Wow amazing, you are really talented! I think I would have loved it to have a Mika doll when I was younger!
  12. If Mika comes outside to his fans after the gig, how long do you have to wait? I would love to wait for him and maybe give him a little present and ask for a signature!
  13. The last line of this article: http://www.clashmusic.com/news/burial-to-produce-mika For a glimpse of Burial and Mika in the studio just click HERE :naughty:
  14. Hey,

    ja, ik ga naar Antwerpen ... heb nog overwogen voor Amsterdam, maar ben ook al naar Londen en Düsseldorf geweest ...


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