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  1. I just tried again, dress circle only. Did anyone get front few rows?
  2. it's only letting me pick 2 tickets??? I only want one
  3. I think he is a MC magician!! Everyone ends up thinking he is amazing after they have been interviewed by him I can't wait for the interview now!
  4. I'm a fan of Eric, both his music and After School Club, I agree he's amazing at interviewing!! I think MIKA would like his humour too, it will be good I'm sure!
  5. Does this fit here?? Eric Nam 에릭남 (Kpop idol/MC) posted a photo with MIKA on his Instagram http://instagram.com/p/3aC8H9BcVb/
  6. Eric Nam (kpop idol/MC) said that he had an interview with MIKA so that will be coming out soon (and in English) I posted the full info here http://www.mikafanclub.com/topic/31351-mikasounds-twitter-facebook-and-instagram-updates-part-13/?p=4003945
  7. I'll post this here too as it seems appropriate Eric Nam 에릭남 posted a photo with MIKA on his Instagram http://instagram.com/p/3aC8H9BcVb/
  8. Wow this thread is quiet...I like your Hongki sig Pideh!!!
  9. :mikalove: ive made a life decision to marry mika, think i can do it?:mikalove:
  10. When's the fourth album guys!!!!???!

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOLDEN MIKA! Have a wonderful day, stay awesome!
  12. Are you stalking me? :o

  13. You're at mfc omg :shocked:

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