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  1. I just tried again, dress circle only. Did anyone get front few rows?
  2. it's only letting me pick 2 tickets??? I only want one
  3. I think he is a MC magician!! Everyone ends up thinking he is amazing after they have been interviewed by him I can't wait for the interview now!
  4. I'm a fan of Eric, both his music and After School Club, I agree he's amazing at interviewing!! I think MIKA would like his humour too, it will be good I'm sure!
  5. Does this fit here?? Eric Nam 에릭남 (Kpop idol/MC) posted a photo with MIKA on his Instagram http://instagram.com/p/3aC8H9BcVb/
  6. Eric Nam (kpop idol/MC) said that he had an interview with MIKA so that will be coming out soon (and in English) I posted the full info here http://www.mikafanclub.com/topic/31351-mikasounds-twitter-facebook-and-instagram-updates-part-13/?p=4003945
  7. I'll post this here too as it seems appropriate Eric Nam 에릭남 posted a photo with MIKA on his Instagram http://instagram.com/p/3aC8H9BcVb/
  8. Wow this thread is quiet...I like your Hongki sig Pideh!!!
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOLDEN MIKA! Have a wonderful day, stay awesome!
  10. Are you stalking me? :o

  11. I love this so much! One of MIKA's best, so creative and fun! Not to mention how gorgeous MIKA looks
  12. I'm so glad his curls are back what a great video, excited for new music
  13. Thank you for the birthday wish! :D

  14. Not even sure if I should post this here but this is the random thread so here goes...TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY AND LOOK AT MY FREAKING AMAZING CAKE! And myself and my cake
  15. Thank you for the birthday message :D

  16. I uploaded my pics to facebook http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151193956164007.444101.734449006&type=1&l=2c4af2583f If that link doesn't work, my facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HoneyKx Enjoy
  17. Oh I love this:teehee: Such a fun and cute video, thank you MIKA for making this year super super amazing Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!
  19. I thought the gig was amazing, after queuing for so long (that number system was great:thumb_yello:) it was soo nice to hear stardust live, since I got my ticket all I kept wishing was that he would sing it and he did! I loved when we all turned on our candles for underwater it looked so amazing! I realllyyyyyyy enjoyed myself and when MIKA looks straight into your eyes it's just the best feeling, overall, I LOVED it, every second! I'd just like to say how kind everyone was and I'm so glad I got to talk to and meet so many amazing MIKA fans, the lining up was so fun, even if everyone thou
  20. Does anyone have a couple of spare candles pleaseee? mine still haven't arrived, I'm worried I ordered for myself and Lizzie too!
  21. Can we all bring candles? It's such a cool idea!
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