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  1. This is long overdue but, I'm sorry for being such a crap pen pal!

  2. I got your letter! Writing you back as we speak! :biggrin2:

  3. Fingers crossed for slow mail! :aah: but that would be some really slow mail. Haha. I'll be sure to tell you striaght away if it does end up arriving. :wink2:

  4. I sent it in the middle of October, I hope it didn't get lost. I asked because a letter I sent to Canada in September also never made it :aah: so I hope the same thing didn't happen. Hopefully it's just really really slow mail? That's sucky haha, I think I'll resend it too if it doesn't show up soon, so if all is right you'll get two letters! :naughty:

  5. So far so good, i hope. I had six in a row, and now im waiting for my next one next wednesday...i cant be bothered studying for it. Dammit agriculture why must you be so far from the rest??? I cant believe you found unfamiliar easy! I hate unfamiliar text with a passion, just cannot understand it. Which level are you doing? You've probably told me, but i cant remember. my bad.. (actually my bad memorys bad) On the other hand i did find the novel study great, had both the questions i prepared for. Romeo and juliet, i loved the book so i guess that helps. Wow, so you have a really long holiday i gather? Or are you doing something? And how did you manage to get out of health??? That was compulsary for us till year 10!
  6. No, i havent seen it.:dunno:


    How long ago did you send it? Might just be slow mail, maybe?

  7. Did my letter make it to you okay? :)

  8. No problem! :)

    I look forward to it.

  9. Monique! Hey, I just wanted to say sorry for not writing for so lon! School has been the busiest ever, and I'm going a little mad, but I haven't forgotten! I'm sending your letter in cartoon motion out this week! :)

  10. I just got home from school and my mother mentioned it to me, came straight here! All my best wishes and love to the family!
  11. Hello peeps. I just got back from the VNZMAs, does anyone here like NZ music? I really like Kids of 88:wub2:, and they were amazing, really friendly too. And Gin is also quite good live. To be honest im not really too into the NZ music scene, but we definately have some good talent i reckon. Hello! I definately reccomend Coromandel or Pauanui. They are about a two-three hour drive (a nice drive, mind you ) from auckland. I just got back from a little holiday in pauanui today and its nice even at this time of the year so during January should be lovely. Auckland! Hehe, i live in south auckland. (like way south auckland) Go up the sky tower. Its pretty high, and you can see like the whole auckland waterfront and stuff. And of course theres the Rotorua, south island, general tourist places. Me, living here all my life, haven't actually been to too many places in NZ...What a good citizen i am! Haha.
  12. I shall! Is it alright if i add you other peeps too? I know how you feel about physics.
  13. Ooooo. I think i understand. Cool, Im in year .. uh, 12. yep. yr 12, and thank god its nearly over! (though whether yr 13 will be anybetter i dont know. hmmm.) Your right, pump is hard! haha. And yoga! That is sooo good, you feel great when your finished! Im always busy on a sunday morning though, so i miss it most of the time, but when i do do it, its great. AH! the weather today was pret-ty amazing wasnt it? i wish the sun would just hang out here forver, though i know by the end of summer next year i'll be complaining about the heat/ haha.
  14. Haha! Who needs teachers anyways?! Biology is IMMENSLY bor-ing! I suppose it always will be. *sigh*, in my opinion anyway. But, its reletively easy so, hey, easy credits here come! Good job! Trig is really, well, bleh. amazingly hard too. Do you take general science then, to get a merit in physics? What year are you in, i may have already asked that, im sorry my memory is very very bad. Ahhhh yes, spring! Sun, i never realised how much i missed you! Step? Like, as in Les Mills? My mother takes the les mills step class (and pump, i dont know how i turned out so allergic to excercise. ) at the local gym, and i do the body jam class. hehe. Do you do any other classes? hehe, Al-right!