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  1. @YesItsMean: so he said, "Al Jazeera asked me if I was worded abt coming to beirut. I told them I'm half-Lebanese, why are you mocking me?" **** yes! thank you guys so much for posting the videos on here! Much love!
  2. Wooohooo! Sooo happy for you You must love your job! I really enjoyed this story, you made us all smileeee! Goo girl, what you did (the note and all) was beyond excellent! You really know how to handle situations. The picture is beautiful too! (You both have scarves on) hehehe.
  3. Oh okay :) XD .. then How's everything ?! :))

  4. Heyyy xD xD I do .. R u Yasmine ?! xD hehehe

  5. Hii Reem!! Do you speak Arabic? Keefek? Heheh

  6. I freaked out when I saw him here in Montreal, at LA BAIE! He was next to Orlando Bloom, and yeah two other guys, BUT his picture was all over the place!! Near the entrance, there's this HUGEEE poster of the ad. I was going crazy...
  7. Welcomeeee!!!!!! Hope you have fun here (I'm sure you will)!!
  8. Katy Perry's E.T (Extraterrestrial) "You're from a wholeee other world; a different dimension......" It's my favourite song by her!! Soo alien-like!
  9. Heeey and welcome here! I'm sure you'll have fun here Hopefully!
  10. It's heartbreaking and tragic, but I'm glad her health condition is improving. Prayers go out to Paloma! It was very hard to read this..We are all with them! Get well soon, Paloma!
  11. Okay, it's official: I'm going CRAAAAZZZZY! Mikaaaaa, dude, COMEEEE OOOON! I meaan XL Republicca, COMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ONNN PEEPSSS! Heheh, this is what happens when you go slightly mad. SLIGHTLY? *cough* *cough*
  12. This guy is...edible. His shoes are...too cool. I LOVEEEEE HIS OUTFITTTT! Mika should be a stylist! He's soooooo good looking. AHHHHH!
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