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  1. oh! cool!

    and dont worry i´ll try to write in english jajaja

  2. I'm from Canada and sorry i don't speak spanish :wink2:

    welcome to the MFC. :original:

  3. jaja thanks!

    oh! hey! where are u from?

    ... i´m from mexico by the way! jaja oie entiendes español?


  4. thank you so much :D

    what's your name,by the way.. ? :)

  5. Happy New Year to you too! :)

  6. hello there! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    wish u a funny weekend!

    xoxo alison s.

  7. alison s.

    My Mika pictuer

    i my god!!!! that colage is totally awesome!
  8. hello there! yes "we are golden" is a very good song, and love the video! i think that he looks very very sexy in his underware!!! jaja no just kiding! but it is ver awesome! but the truth is that i dont have a favorite song... i love ALL the songs! o i guess i just love the way he sing and i dont know maybe i´m crazy but i think he´s the perfect artist! like if he was born to do this jaja well i dont know what it is... i just love it! what do you think? i´m crazy? jaja xoxo alison s.
  9. i´m good to thanks!

    and yes i´m new here jeje it´s such a good club!

    thanks to be so nice!

    where do you from? i´m from mexico!

    well i hope talk with you soon!


  10. Hey, I'm good thanks!

    And you?

    I see you're new, just ask fi you have any queeries, I'm never far away :wink2:

  11. hey you!!!

    how you doing!!!?

    happy new year!

  12. oh! to bad!... me neither bubu!

    but you´re to much closer to him than me!!! you´re so lucky! to live in europe! i mean he live there to!

    he came to mexico on november but just for a few days and a didn´t know it!

    i was very very sad... bot then i saw a video on youtube of him saing that he is coming back this year! i hope we will!

    i and sure hes coming to Latvia! good luck with that!

  13. yap..haha Latvia is in of the Baltic States.. :naughty:

    no.. :tears: I wished but he is not coming here.. but most of my friends here have seen him and you'll know how it is to be in his gig after hanging around here for a while!

  14. jaja no it´s ok!

    so from latvia eh? wow! where is it?

    hey! have you ever seen mika? i mean... singing or something!?