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  1. 🤩 those are pretty much my emotions related to this show
  2. Happy Birthday :happybday:

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    2. LilStar


      yes!!! 2 in montreal!!!! it still seems so surreal… been so long!

    3. silver


      Only a few months to wait now :naughty: 

    4. LilStar


      yes!!! its quite soon tho!!!

  3. :D hey rrrroooxxyyyy!! Come back here! :)
  4. that was kind of amazing and reminded me of the star academie show also where i saw him for the very first time He'll always amaze me.
  5. I know omg. It stil' feels like a dream honestly!!! :wub2: Everything went by so fast! (And yet when i work it seems to take forever.. Thanks brain ) !!! Everytime i listen to his songs now, i imagine the orchestra and awww And i kinda miss everyone too. That was the "ohmygodfeelings" moment of the day.
  6. Un grand plaisir pour moi aussi ! J'espère qu'on aura l'occasion de discuter une prochaine fois ahah ! :teehee: En attendant j'ai eu l'occasion de pratiquer mon anglais !

  7. Cetait un plaisir de te voir encore :huglove:

  8. Third report.... S Q W E EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Blame that on Vero, she told me to do that:mf_rosetinted: So i was sitting wayyyy back for this one, on a balcony.. its the only tickets i could get:aah: Mika was blurry, but the ensemble was breathtaking! (they also had sold too many tickets and had to add chairs beside me ) Mika seemed really in his element for that one! Every song was great, and he was so cute and more at ease. The audience also felt more relaxed yesterday somehow Its funny how at the beggining of songs you could hear people doing like "ooooooooohhh ahhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhh" hahaha! Elle me dit and BBB was a big hit again (Doriand was close to me and looked SO PROUD!!!! it was adorable) Happy Ending killed us all I cried at any other world... it has always been one of my favorites. Random moments!! (part 3) -Mika said he could talk more this time because it was the last show haha -The introduction to Happy ending was soooo nice.. He said that when he went to music college, they were 5 students in the class.. a 6th one arrived very late with leather pants and chewing gum... PEople looked at her. She took her gum off, sang a few bars of mozart, and put her gum back into her mouth and that was it.. He knew he liked her right away.. That was Ida. he said she was the only one who knew his secret, that he didnt wanna sing opera, but write his own songs. So they recorded Happy Ending.. it was such a lovely story. -He mentionned Doriand being in the audience and that while they wrote BBB skyler was there and she said "even americans understand that!" and it ended up on the record, like her voice.. then they wrote Good guys -He said this show wasnt just about him, it was about the musicians but also people in the audience like his family, especially his mother (people awwwwed) cause she was the one who took him to opera classes -at the end, people kept clapping and stuff...and he said "so every night, we keep coming back for the applause, but we cant just like improvise stuff... but tonight we prepared something with Simon Leclerc(the conductor) Thats why hes so good.. well do a song i always mess up then another one. He did ToyBoy (he never messes it up hahaha dunno why he said that but it was cute haha) And then he said "ok, so we cant clap during songs because it messes up the musicians.. and when Simon says something, we listen:teehee:, but nothing forbids us to dance!!!" he started emd.. people started clapping... and it never stopped ahhaha mika couldnt even hear himself sing hahah then he was like OH NEVERMIND hahaha and kept singing and dancing with the whole audience and clapping. It was SO COOL! seriously! ok, i might have forgotten a few things, but thats what i recall so far Thank you to Deb for organizing a small m&g... it was so lovely the dream is over now... going back to work and reality, but thankful to have been able to live in the special place for 3 days. It was especially nice to meet everyone... i can now put faces on nicknames!!
  9. Bahahahhahaha!!!

    Thats really all he has to do hahaha

  10. And traditionally...I missed you by a few minutes :(

  11. See Mika? The only thing you have to do to get Rox back on mfc is throw some fancy concerts in her neighbourhood :mf_rosetinted:


    Mika: yeah...and apparently that goes for you too Wian :mf_rosetinted: