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  1. Jodeeeeeer, a mí me ha tocado una de las entradas pero no puedo ir ((((( es que las podrían haber sorteado antes, que no da tiempo a mirar vuelos y esas cosas y están carísimooos Alguien quiere la entrada? Es de esas que temetías en mikaincompiegne.com y metías el mail, si alguien la quiere que me mande un MP y hablamos
  2. Ouuuuuuuuch! I couldn't asist, but yesterday I received an email from the organisation: I WON ONE OF THE FREE TICKEEEEETS! And I'm quite angry, I can't go!!!!!!! Is someone going and wants a free ticket? I'm not sure if it's official, but the message was sent to me by an email direction from Rocksquare, so I think it is. If you want info, please contact me by PM or twitter (@guiblansan)
  3. Hola Guille!! Como fue lo de la foto de tu generación? que hiciste al final?

  4. for some reason mika is getting rewarded with loads of rewards

  5. Well, i'm taking part of a photograph challenge and i have to send a photo wich represents my generation, and i want your ideas! Here is the question: WHAT IMAGE DO YOU HAVE WHEN YOU THINK IN THIS GENERATION'S PEOPLE? (14 to 18) Thanks!
  6. Cool of you to leave a comment I will give your pic a comment because I like the shoes

  7. Hii! Have luck tomorrow!

  8. ive got your email

  9. Here you have I want Mika listening to music
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