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  1. yes,I know,it's so happy to see Chinese and HK fans in here.:teehee:

  2. 你系香港噶??我系廣州咖,好近,嘻嘻,呢度好少中國人噶身影啊

  3. Hi,你好呀!!!

  4. MIKA Happy Birthday, you know ?We always love you!and want you to be happy!
  5. Miracle of Puberty And he lost his little only baby fat as well I had a impulse to pinch his face in that pic of 15yr old:teehee:
  6. oh you really think so?:naughty:haha BTW,He always looks so excellent with that curly style and only he make curly hair so acceptable:huglove: I think it's his icon:teehee: I suck at drawing ,so if I draw a Curly Hair Style,then everything is MIKA its convincing enough:teehee:
  7. HEY! Isnt MIKA's hair is naturally curly? So.. Did him STRAIGHTEN his hair ? OMG! how cute.. you know I always thought he was 10 in that pics!!!! How could he grow so fast:wub2:
  8. Is is YOUNG ?....i think its kinda like a drunk..teenage mika?:mikalove:
  9. OMG thankyou sosoooooooooo much , love you :huglove:
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