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  1. Feliz cumpleaños wapa :huglove: lástima no verte más seguido por aquí

  2. The same thing happened to me! I enter here to find out what's new (in a good way) and I can't believe what I read thanks to my friend Ceci (ce_mika) I'm so sad :sad: and now I can't sleep! But I'm going to pray for her, Mika and all his family! HAVE FAITH PEOPLE!
  3. haha =) y de donde sos marian?

  4. holaaa!!! da gusto saber que no soy la unica a la q le gusta Mika en todo el Paraguay jajaja :D

  5. That's ok! I am doing well, I am going to a Mika gig today (Antwerp)! Hope you are doing well also.

  6. hi monie! thanks 4 the friend request! and sorry about the late! my internet was broken xD


    hope you're doing well! =)

  7. Hi! oh, hope everything's good there at school! :) & hope you enjoy ur dancing! :wub2:

    Have fun in the holidays!! I don't have holidays now 'cause I have a work placement for school now :s

    wow, sounds great!! Enjoy ur weekend!! And tell me how it was!! :)

    Work placement is hard, 'cause the days are very long and when I come back home around 6 pm I have to start working for school =s

    but 2 weeks ago I went to a Mika-gig, which was totally amazing. I was a lollipop girl and I had one of the most beautiful days of my life!!! :fangurl: Mika's so cute & shy backstage :wub2: Chat soon! :huglove:

  8. Hi sweetie! I'm fine! Very busy with college and dance stuffs! But we are having free time here...for the "saint week" Tomorrow I'll go to "Resistencia" (a city in Argentina) with my family! A 5 hours travel...but will be fun! =D We will return on sunday!


    And you? What are you doing? Seems you are having a great time! =)

  9. Hi! :huglove: How are you? It's been a while! x

  10. Aaaaaa! LOVE IT! We are so lucky to have Mika in our lives! xD
  11. I just saw the final video and I LOVE IT!!!! Thank you so much Monie and Ingie! You're amazing and all the people who joined to this're wonderful! There's so much talent here I had so much fun doing this and count with me for another event 'cause is one of the best things that ever happened to me! And meet you girls, here in this web site was so cool! You're simply the best LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!
  12. Awww! Yo amo Kick Ass No puedo dejar de verla/escucharle! Tengo el ritmo en la cabeza! Aparte Mika esta divinooooo en el video Y el que hace del super héroe no se queda atrás...quiero que alguien así me "rescate" y a Mika de profe Que tengan bonita semana chicuelas! Les dejo con esto...mi video del BIOTG Dance Event