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  1. I think is a kind of bizarre video for MIKA , i don´t know yet how to feel about it yet U_U I guess there were too many stories and characters so , i did not get one single story . but Something really importat is to keep changing and taking risks , I admire MIKA for that, he is tryng to do something different than his previous work . It would be probably easier to make the same "recipe" used in his other vids. The fact that he doen´t appear in the video is also kind of frustrating. Here, in our MIKA CHILE, most of fans feel a little dissapointed. He got all the talent , we`re not always go
  2. hola vanessa !!!! soy una de las toras y jaes jejejjeje

  3. Holaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. I{m so nervous i guess, ACTUALLY THIS MORNING I Bought a new pair of tennis shoes and a present for him and glitter for our make up ! But I´m also so stressed abot all the stuff for the fanclub.. being a vice president is a difficult task That´s all for now !!1 I can´t wait to see MIKA on stage!!!!!!!!!
  5. AYYYY amiga SUFRO DEMASIADO!!!!! es muy poco tiempo para ahorrar tanta plata! Por favorcito que venga a CHILE!!! cON EL cammi ESTAmos planeando ir al sello pa ver que onda, hablar con productoras o que se yo!!!!!! Lo que seaaa! po MIKA:mf_lustslow: bESOS
  6. hELLO!!! I´m glad to see you here? I miss so much MIKA´S tweets Miauuuuuu

  7. omg You were so lucky!!! He was right beside you !!!! Fantastic!!!! Do you remember how he smelled like?
  8. Thank you :blush-anim-cl: No. I only paint my face just for fun!!! :roftl: I love art:wub2: I enjoy drawing too :mf_lustslow: How about your hobbies?:biggrin2:

  9. i'm great thankyou. glad you are well :)

    are you a make-up artist, or do you just do face-painting? :D because its very good :D xx

  10. i THINK WONKA´S pics are brilliant!!! so Funny LOL ; specially the ones in your album which you make MIKA speak!!! hahahha:aah:
  11. Yes, I´m planning a new make up!!! :teehee: Each time I take my own pics I have lots of fun, all by myself!!:naughty:I´m a little bit lonely I guess:aah:

  12. Oh Hello Chloe it´s good to see you here!!!:thumb_yello: Í´m quite well :teehee:planning my next make up session!!! How about you?:wink2:

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