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  1. Happy 21st Birthday!!! Have a wonderful day! :partytime2::huglove:

  2. ok fine, I mailed. What do I have to do now. Wait and hope it was the right answer? I know we aren't supposed to moan about the site and everything, but this is just bad
  3. wait? We REALLY have to email swatch the answer? Like really really? maybe the answer to this puzzle is about how many times this has happened before
  4. exactly moaning won't help, they won't be able to fix their site now. They might take it into account for the next time they do a hunt. It still is unfortunate though, we were in 4th place before we started having trouble with the site. We managed to find the last few puzzles a lot faster than the first few, but were unable to enter the answer from the moment we knew it. Moaning won't change this, I'm just surprised that a big corporation like this, who has done hunts before isn't able to filter out the bugs on a simple website before they started the hunt.
  5. And again the site didn't work for me 30 minutes lost again , luckily Macboll could enter it
  6. they can always have difficulties with entering the right answer ofcourse
  7. I had that too, it said I'd only get 880 points or something, but then when I entered I still got more than 950 points. Either way, the group at number 1 has been there for a while now, I don't think we'll see many changes there anymore.
  8. oh yeah now it works. That's nice. I entered this an hour ago as well.
  9. This is so annoying, I'm 80% sure that what I'm looking at is what the puzzle is about. But no code works.
  10. I'm ok with hints, but these aren't hints anymore. Lets try to stick with hints
  11. same here Kinda unfortunate we had to wait that long before we could answer though