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  1. A week ago today I went to c mika n he sang both of them

  2. I guess my fave song from the new album would have to be Rain - and I see you. It is impossible to see Mika sing that song live and NOT cry! :naughty: I love the new album - but, I still find myself listening to LICM all of the time! :freak:

  3. Mine is blue eyes or blame t on the girls!!!

  4. Welcome Welcome Welcome!!! :huglove:


    My fave Mika song EVA . . is: Stuck in the middle!!! :wub2:

    And I think it will ALWAYS be!!! :freak:

  5. Hi thanx for accepting meeeee

  6. What is peoples fave mika song EVA?????

  7. Newbie alert how do I post threads?????what do I do help