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  1. Hi,nuri,do u have twitter account?

    1. nuri


      Hi:) I have one. @nyaongu is mine. but I usually speak Korean

    2. DongDong


      Okay,ha,mine is @Dongdong94 :)

  2. Thank you so much!!!

  3. wow,I think I'll mad if he is my neighbor!!!You are so lucky,haha

  4. Hello!!:bye: wow,Mika is your neighbor?? Awesome!!

  5. Oh,I see,Thank u!!!:huglove:

  6. Hello,Guylain,I have a question about the competition of 7th anniversary.Does everyone just can participate in one competition or we can participate in every competition??

  7. Hi,how are u??Thank u for the friend request.:wink2:

  8. It's fine,haha,because I can made some new friends there.XD

  9. I'm fine too,I'm on my short holidays now,and back to college on 8th this month.XD

  10. Hello,Yasi,how are u????

  11. I have sent the new one.Check it out.:wink2:

  12. Yes,Ok,I will send u the new one on tomorrow.Thank u.:wink2:

  13. Hello,I joined the peace project and sent the pic of me,but I just found my pic with the "heart" shape is not the same of MIKA's.So I want to send another one pic tomorrow to you to replace the old one,is it ok??

  14. Really???Haha,I'm so lucky to be your 200th friend here.:teehee:

  15. Thank u!!!!:wub2:

  16. Haha,you're welcome.Thanks for accepted my friend request.So,how should I call you??you can call me dongdong.XD

  17. Yes,I'm so convenient to go to HK,just 2 hours by train.XD

  18. Yes,every holiday I will go to Hong Kong to visit my aunt and my cousins.Wish we can meet on that time.XD I think there are some good gigs/concerts in HK,many international singers and bands will have performance there.

  19. Thank you,haha,you go to Hong Kong next summer,maybe I will go to there next summer too.:teehee:

  20. I'm fine.I'm on my holidays too,and tomorrow I will go to HongKong to have a trip.

  21. Hello,Yasmine,how are u??

  22. Yes,I have get my marks,it's fine.Good luck to your exams!!!

  23. Thank you,good luck to your exam too,we are the same.In China,this final examination is hard too,we need get the high marks in order to defeat others student to enter a good uni,you know,there are too many peoples in China,and this exam just like a battle.

  24. Oh,I just finished my highschool,and the examination mark will annouce on tomorrow.After recieve the mark,we will make a decision to choose the university or the college.