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  1. Hello!Great to know you too!
  2. Any Hootowl here??🤔I just went to my 2nd Adam's gig last Saturday!It was an amazing live as always!Couldn't believe he back to my city as part for his Asia Tour!!He sang 10 of 17 songs from his new album!He played piano,guitar,bass,drums that night!What a great musician!Can't wait to see him again!!😆 Sorry for my low quality pic😅
  3. Haha,that girl is Jason's wife,they both work at TVB(a television in HK) I saw Jason and his wife after the gig in HK too! Jason had interviewed MIKA in a programme when MIKA went to HK to did a show for the 1st time in 2007.So I think they became a friend after that
  4. Aha,u are right!Thank u for remember me Although I'm not live in HK,I'll try every possible way to go to his HK's gig in the future! And hope to see you again and share my MIKA's story with u
  5. You're welcome,I took some pics just by my phone,and are not in good quality Yes,I always thinking"Am I dreaming" when I look at him in so close! I'm a boy who wore in green and behind you in that night
  6. Haha,It was my pleasure to meet you and chat with you too! Ahh,these lovely pics remind me of that amazing day! Thank you Nina,hope MIKA back to HK or China Mainland soon,so maybe we can have a meet again!
  7. chanjason_what better way to catch up with an old friend than a bit of face pulling... wishing you all the best for the rest of the china tour @mikainstagram#heaventour
  8. The gig was amazing,he sang about 20 songs that night.Adam even didn't stop,and sang 19 songs in a row!I loved his live(although his voice wasn't well that night) I think he will back to Asia soon after the next album release,he do loves Asia(and he loves South Asia better!)
  9. Ahh,he sang Hurts in ShenZhen!Really disappointed he didn't sing it in HK
  10. Just finished my HK trip and back to my home!Sorry for the belated report of my 1st MIKA's gig!I went to the The Vine at noon,and some fans already got there and queuing.And my friend Jere already sat in the line.I met Nina and some Korean fans in the line.In the afternoon,it was started rain in HK..... And we spent the whole afternoon in the cafe and chatting with other fans from many areas!It was really nice to chat with Nina,we talked about MIKA,music and football! ​ After the long waiting,I saw some box were sent into the veune,and I saw Mika's mama too!At about 7:45 PM,the staffs started let us to enter the venue!I was so excited and nervous after I standing in the venue!Me and my some of my friends were standing in the second row,and we had made some"Thankyou"Cards and little lights for this gig.After waiting for about 25 minutes,after the soundcheck,Mika's band came on stage!MIKA came out at the last! He looks elegant and smart,and all the fans were called his name loudly! Porcelain still as the opening song for the Show(Porcelain is my most fav song from NPIH!) Really enjoyed the time he playing the piano,he was so charming when he sang with playing piano!His voice was in good condition in that night(clear and bright!)After performing few acoustic version songs,the whole atmosphere of the venue are getting hotter!All the fans singing Grace Kelly together after the Intro started of the song!MIKA invited a boy to come to the stage before he played BBB,and asked the boy to teach him some words of Cantonese(he asked the boy how to pronounce (a piano,air,love,heart)in Cantonese,he spoke it very well! Coz that day was Lantern Festival in China,so we gave him a electronic lantern,MIKA tied it on the piano We were going crazy in the after songs!MIKA took many things from the fans and put it onto Max body When he singing Staring At The Sun,he took Nina glasses and wore it Because the venue is quite small,so he couldn't sing Staring At The Sun in the middle of the audience like in Korea&Japan. But he shook hands with the fans in the front row and I could see him every clear(I remembered me and MIKA were staring each other at some monments!And I was wondering "Am I dreaming" )When MIKA singing Good Guy&We Are Golden,a girl who beside me gave me some 'glitter' to throw at MIKA Let me thinking about what special monments I have not mentioned Oh yeah,MIKA sang a little part of Happy Ending without mic! At the last of the show,we gave him a ThankYou Card which typed "多謝MIKA" (means Thank You MIKA),and he was smile like a child! 19 songs he sang in total!We waiting for him outside the venue after the show,about an hour later,he came,signing and taking pics with fans,but it was hurry to have M&G.... I got his signed on my WAG promo CD and just gave my gift to a big guy from MIKA's team to letting him give my gift to MIKA Anyway,it was an amazing and unforgettable night for me,met many fans and watched the wonderful performance by MIKA! When will I see you again,MIKA? I dunno,but I'll waiting again! Sorry for my poor English,and the report seem very messy..... Hope u all guys can understand what I want to tell
  11. Hi!!I love Mobile Orchestra too!And I've been to Owl City's Asia Tour in last year in Guangzhou!So,have u been to his gig?
  12. I don't think China is a huge potential market for him,his upcoming China tour all held in the small venue,even the gig in HK is held in a church,the venue is much smaller than the venue he've done in 2009&2010.And in China Mainland there few people buy the physical CD or buy the music on the platform like iTunes.....It's true that many people have listened Mika's song in China,but not many of them know he is the singer or songwritter of the songs.
  13. Ahh,finally!He is back!!!!!!!!!! And how coincidence that day is Lantern festival in China
  14. Tweet from @chartnews: Worldwide sales:No Place In Heaven 19,000 (128,000 total)
  15. It's happy to hear NHIP doing well in those countries!But I think NHIP is just doing a little bit better than TOOL....The album couldn't reach the top in any countries(even France or Italy....) Yes,if NPIH drop out the global charts top 40,we have no clue to know hows the sales going....
  16. NPIH was out of the UK Top100 Albums Chart this week.....Just stayed 3 weeks on the chart..... But it peak at No.80 on the Physical Albums Chart,that's mean the sales of the physical was ok,his record company should stocking more CDs in the store.......
  17. Agreed! Let's hope his record company think about this massive song to be a single! And I have a question,it seems MIKA has changed his record company in UK? NPIH was released by Virgin EMI,but I couldn't found him in the Artists list on Virgin website......
  18. I want to know the accurate sales figures too,but have no clue to find,and I just get the info of NPIH's sales from this web: If the new album drop out of the chart,we even don't know how many copies are sold in worldwide
  19. Ugh,sad to hear that,it is a little bit like what TOOL did in UK again ........Just hope the next single release in UK will be the right track and help the album
  20. I saw it peak on No.5 in this week French Album Charts And No.4 on physical sales chart. NPIH is No.5 on HMV HK Top 40 CDs Chart this week.
  21. Ahh,NPIH was down to No.53 in this week Official Albums Chart Update Top 100(1st July)......It was peaked on No.15 in last week,and No.19 in weekly Chart.
  22. NPIH debuts on No.6 on Canadian Album Chart(4,400 copies sold). And also debuts on No.117 on Billboard 200(I remember TOOL was debuted on No.47 after released in US ) No.60 on US Top Album Sales Chart(anyone can tell me the difference of Billboard 200 and Top Album Sales Chart in US?? ) NPIH was sold 50,000 copies worldwide at the moment.