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  1. I have been craving chocolate so much! And guess what the mailman came with this morning! You didnt have to do that:hug: but thanks a lot! I'll read the papers later today

    1. silver


      Good job I didn't just send the article then ;-)

  2. Did i post on your wall now? Lol

  3. Oh no.. No mfc tomorrow evening?? What will i be doing with my life? Lol

  4. Really?? I didnt even know that :aah:

  5. That's because i'm so left out on everything here, and now i just cant be bothered to catch up!


    Noooope. I'll first hear from them in the end of june!

    Dont remember the date. But i'll hear back from them all at the same time

  6. Yes!:aah: why wouldnt i be lol

  7. Maybe you should have found a smaller card then!:teehee:


    I didnt even send a card... Because i didnt know what to write! :teehee: sorry lol

  8. Thanks for chocolate:teehee: i like the card is seperate lol

  9. I almost started to cry today!:aah:

    All of sudden i was just feeling like ****! And i was dizzy, depressed, sad, angry, tired.

    So i almost cried! Lol

  10. I actually never use or drink milk!

    Only when i make pancakes!

    But i never eat breakfast or lunch, and dinner is always bleeeh...


    But yay for pancakes lol!

  11. I like rice milk! x)

    Didnt try otheres lol. Have heard almond should also be good!


    And sometimes they have lactose free milk.. But that taste a bit strange lol

  12. Only when i'm going out.


    At home it's no problem

  13. I still dont eat gluten and lactose.

    And no my stomach is a little better

  14. Havent been looking for an other job. So no

  15. No..

    Was going to a yoga class. But not anyway! Havnt slept at all these days, so i'll just stay in my bed and sleep

  16. Always gone gone gone

  17. Went to yoga, then a walk, then i baked bananapancakes, slept for 2 hours, then i made dinner, and watched tv the rest of the evening.