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  1. I'd ask him if he wants to live forever. And if he'll sing at my wedding ceremony. :D though my folks would kill me.xD
  2. thank you very much. i know i'll have great time here cause i love to be around people who have same interests as i do. and loving mika is something we share. :D
  3. Hey everyone. I'm also a big fan of Simple Plan, a Canadian band if you haven't heard. They are really, really great and my favourite songs are "Your love is a lie", "Everytime", "When I'm gone", "Generation", "God must hate me".... Well a lot of them. If you like them, too, then, let's talk :)
  4. Hi guys... I'm Jelena, I'm from Serbia as you can see and I'm 17. I'm a big Mika fan and I know all his songs by heart and I can't wait for July and Exit to finally go and see him perform live. Also, I'm a vampire fan. I love to read, listen to music, hang with my friends, write etc. xD If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :)
  5. You know you're a Mika fan when.... -you scream during your test because your friend texted you that Mika will have a concert in your country -you order diet coke and pizza though you don't like coke at all -you try to influence your brother to listen to mika even though he hates him....