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  1. This is me from the Horrorfest Zombie Walk in Atlanta in 2009. My best friend did my zombie makeup. She wants to be a special effects makeup artist one day. She's already amazing at it! Oh, and I even Photoshopped it:
  2. I've been saving money for a while. I was going to use it on a bass guitar, but I decided that after my failed attempt at self-teaching acoustic guitar, I don't really need a bass. I could use the money to fly over, spend some time there, go to the concert, then come back. Besides, our other promise was that we would go to France together for vacation one day. Just kill two birds with one stone.
  3. This is my entry! "One of my best friends moved from here in Georgia to a few hundred miles away in Florida. That was back in 2009. We still talk online and text all the time, along with the occasional visit once or twice a year, but it isn't the same. I intend to keep the promise I made to her that we would go see Mika in concert, because he is the person we became such close friends over. Of course, the person I would take would be one of the best friends I've ever had, Katie Sawyer." I really hope an MFCer wins too.
  4. :aah::aah::aah::kachinga:

    hope you have good day yesterday and avter :kaf::thumb_yello:

  5. Hi..... Happy Birthdaay...

    Wish you all the best :D

  6. I would love to see some of your works! And I suggested a Mika painting a few months before she did that. You should get a DeviantArt account. It's a great way to show your art and for people to give you opinions on them.

  7. Yeah, hopefully I will! Or I can always do it as a hobby I already do anyway. I really like drawing and it passes the time at school. I think I could scan some on to my laptop and let people see. They are absolutely amazing, I'm guessing the Mika one was for you! I really live them though, thanks for letting me see!

  8. Oh really? Maybe one day you'll get a chance... I really hope you do. Also, I have a really close friend who wants to do makeup for movies. She's amazing at waterolor and is a fellow Mika fan. If you want to see, she has a DeviantArt. http://jasonfreak13.deviantart.com/gallery/

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