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  1. Ya pasaron seis meses, y me sigo emocionando cuando recuerdo el concierto. 🥰
  2. Oh, the reprise made me cry so bad, it's beautiful
  3. Please come, the three of us can have a sleepover with tacos And I hope he remembers me lol at least as "the one who brought her mom to the concert"
  4. Hello! I tried to find a thread for Jack Savoretti's fans but couldn't find it so I decided to make one. 😁 Of course we at least know the song Youth & Love with our lovely Mika, I've been a fan of Jack Savoretti for a year so I was really excited to see the collab, I wanted to cry hahaha, so any other fans? Which one is your favorite song? YOUTH & LOVE FT. MIKA
  5. He better, and I hope he comes to my city this time, I can offer him where to say (if he likes to sleep on a couch) and food... Lots of taquitos 😂
  6. I asked two days off from work to travel to CDMX for Mika's concert. Today I went back to work and everyone asked "how did it go?" And I just want to go back to the concert, is time traveling a thing yet?
  7. It just ended, it was amazing omg he tried to speak spanish the entire show but y’know, he didn’t know how to say pink in spanish 😂 more when I'm home
  8. Wuwuw que padre, ya me di mi paseada por CDMX, Ahora a descansar un rato antes del concierto 🤭
  9. Thank yoooou, I'm so excited for tomorrow and i miss you 💜💜
  10. Siiii, y Mika ya está en la Ciudad de México Digo, yo aun no verdad jajaja pero ya casiiiii, de que parte de Mexico eres?
  11. Holaaaaaaaa, bienvenida Carla 🥰, tenemos un thread mexicano aquí en MFC pero anda medio abandonado. Cuando estaba en la facu, estaba en clase en unos cubículos privados (éramos pocos en la clase, y son dos cubículos juntos separados por un vidrio que no llega hasta el techo, entonces se escuchaba todo lo del cubículo de a lado), y el maestro de a lado era de frances y puso Elle Me Dit, y por accidente me puse a cantar también aunque no fuera mi clase ‾\_(ツ)_/‾. Lo bueno es que yaconocíaa al maestro de frances jajaja. Bueno, nos vemos el martes en el concierto!
  12. 12 more days, guys! Who's going? Are you guys excited?
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