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  1. coucou juste un petit mot pour dire que j'ai passé une superbe soirée samedi en compagnie de tous les fan à the voice et que j'ai été ravie de faire la connaissance d'autres fans merci à tous pour ces bons moments et à bientôt
  2. je me laisse tenter par le 8 ... quelques scrupules à abandonner bébé pour les autres dates mais je veux quand même en faire une (et oui toujours en manque)
  3. when I was talking with organizer, he talked about 3 events for next year but not sure it will be only with Mika I'm not very talkactive
  4. the bright side of things is that we will see him every week on TV
  5. crazy day !!!!!!!!!!!!! arrived very late to cork because of logistical problem of bottle (for my baby) and another , I was in the last fans of the queue for the dedication we can say that mobistar put the package ! through the line zig zag , I was able to chat with the fans I used to meet and I was delighted to see you all again my turn finally comes , I 'll join the upstairs room of the store where the signing takes place it was pure bliss a lady asked us our name, that we had to do autograph , even agreed to take our camera to capture it all Mika was installed seated behind a table and a seat was installed right next to him as Love children who go see Father Christmas I made him an autographed picture of my baby with his super t-shirt autographed (in paris by mika himself) therefore we talked ... baby lol I 'm allowed to ask him if it was possible to know the name of his nephew and for those who are wondering here is the answer " I can not say I do not mind to say it but I think it's up to her to say and not say it so I not saying 'Here then continues day marathon I agree with Lena that gives me the coordinates to go to Brussels and we set off arrival in Brussels , some fans already lined up , and Mobistar has always pushed the envelope ... photos, videos, they set the mood by asking us to shout "have a nice day" ( their slogan ) everyone was very friendly and the atmosphere was more than pleasant once we entered was offered hats , bright bracelet and placards to write a message mika could read during the show Once the doors open, we installed the first to rank with surprise that there was no barrier so glued to the Scene the show you saw so no comment except that I had a great time , I laughed , sang well , although screamed and everything it's " too " good to see him in show ... at the end there was an after ... we managed to get there but we quickly realized that we would not see Mika there so we went to wait at the exit Mobistar team , always so nice we were able to had a signing session again we said goodbye , and then we said goodbye and went back again with lots of stars in their eyes and memories in the heart as always, delighted to have reviewed " the mikafamily " and happy to have met new people I just want to thank you, girls, who have allowed me to attend this show, no name they will recognize sorry for my poor english
  6. Mobistar ‏@mobistarFR 9 min @step222 Bonjour steph, tous les mails ont été envoyés . ^VB so no mail for me means no ticket :'(
  7. congrats Claire and Machoefeltje no news for me... no mail is it right or wrong??
  8. bonjour bonjour me voici enfin de retour dans l'actualité mikanesque des fans... depuis que bébé est arrivé, je n'ai plus beaucoup de temps pour venir ici mais là il me laisse un peu de répits donc j'en profite pour essayer de rattraper un peu mon retard à très vite
  9. so sad... live near belgium and can't see Mika because not a mobistar customer:blink: thanks for all the vid, I LOVE it
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