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  1. so is the whole floor seated? or is there still a bit standing, then seats towards the back like in AFAS Amsterdam? also do we meet up at all? pre-show? or is that not done in NZ? #almostshowtime #deadexcited
  2. guess where i am - by pure chance ... on 22 feb. flying home on 26th ...! sign me up scotty!
  3. tnx to two peeps who offered spares. I’m not going to manage Brussels - struggling a bit with β€˜the black dog’. have fun everyone on the positive side: just found out Mika is in nz when i am too!
  4. anyone got 1 (standing) ticket spare?!? i am seriously contemplating going now that my own singing gig got cancelled ...
  5. deciding that maybe i really wanna do the brussels show as my singing gig on 14th got cancelled. literally go there on 14th, back 15th super early for another singing gig ... anyone got one spare?
  6. Jack I do not know you from Adam (or Eve)... but as a mum of a non-binary child take my advise: tell her --- being out might be scary and your mum might struggle with the idea but it is worth every step of the way, even if that will take time (and longer than you may think is necessary) or no time whatsoever. If you love your mum - please tell her before London.
  7. Mellody thank you --- so i just need a code.. anyone? Silly thing is -- obviously gonna buy the record anyways so sill i wasn't aware of the album presale thingie
  8. if anyone already has tickets and doesn't mind trying for two fans who were OBVIOUSLY asleep -- I might need help for tomorrow's sale for Shepherd's bush and / or Utrecht THANK YOU CARLOTTA!!!!!!!!!! I am now officially attending with my child
  9. any presale codes spare? gonna try - foolhardy that I am ..
  10. any presale codes for the Netherlands? If I could get two for that one, Lotte and i could concentrate on general sale in London as we missed the pre-sale info. Duhhhh eye off the ball!! for London is also cool of course... but am I right in thinking London's all gone for thew moment? #forevergrateful #firstdrinkonme
  11. Blue sky .. I now know who you are! Glad you had a good time. Stupid o'clock queuing followed by imbicile French entry procedures. It was darn-right disgraceful! Luckily I was in the right place and did not get hurt or even in the rush hurt anyone else.. but many were pushed to the ground and hurt. Big hands down to security...worst crowd management I have seen in a while.. come to think of it.. last time it was in Bercy ... too... I had such a good night, what a party it was. Was taken aback a little by how much time Mika spent on the stage extension and I know most stupid o'clock fans had rushed to the front (just like us)... a little disappointing to see so much from the back or on the screen.. nice for the ones in late, tough on the ones that queued for such a long time. Had we known I think all of us had preferred to be where you ended up. What can I say .. the suits .. wowsies.. the atmosphere electric ... mika's voice ... clear as a bell ... company around us.. such fun Highlights baisers perdus with the rope artist ... magical. The phone lights on Underwater and Mika orchestrating that LOVED hearing Stardust .. always do .. Never gets tired for me... the bit he sang acoustically .. it wasn't Relax.. what was it again... Ell me dit rocked the place.. but bloody French ... in France ,) my high school French got me the jist of most .. had to work really hard here... eheh will listen to boot to translate all the bits he spoke about. Loved the little orchestra .. film clips .. i actually just wished it had been more: expected a huge dance act with all the 'musicians' .. underused I think... i could have had MORE glitz... More extravanganza for a WONDERland show not at all disappointed we came.. thanks to girls doing the Q .. the fans around us for such a good atmosphere and... MIKA et son equipe for a great night!
  12. Okay.. so a few things changed back home.. so instead of rushing of at 11 pm sharp to get a bus back to holland we are now staying the night... travelling at 7.45 am on Saturday. Does anyone have a spare bed or even a bit of floor we could possibly share.. Close to arena? (Bus leaves from there) Txt me 0611879933... Oher suggestions are welcome too