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  1. You´re very welcome ! Oh, yes, I stay here for the rest of my life probably
  2. ..oh and the chatting thingy, I´ve just read Nina´s blog, so Mika said that he was happy to come to Normandy and to pass one week in France, then right before LYWID he asked how many glasses we had drunk, he also said that his piano is much better for dancing than for playing, and then it didn´t work anymore so he joked that it was because he had insulted it! And the rest I can´t really remember.. !
  3. Hey! It´s been ages I´ve posted something here, I just have really no time with my crazy french school! But yesterday, I managed to get there, I was not even supposed to go there, but my boyfriend´s bestfriend told me he could pick me up to go, so I was all happy! But, unfortunately, his grand mother got really sick so he had to go to Paris. I had no other friends that went there, but I just desperately wanted to go! I live in Granville so it´s not that far, 45 min by car. My boyfriend called me like 28 times, every 10 minutes to know if I found a way to come, he was crazy about it (to see me, but to make me happy too, because, well, Mika is very important to me ) Finally,I found a friend who could take me,so we put on LICM and - on da road! Mika´s show was at 11 PM, so I was begging my chéri to go sooner, like 9:30 PM, to have some good place, but he just thought there wouldn't ´t be so many people, so he had loooot of time -.- Well, I took girls with me and I went without him We were pushing ourselves to get closer, finally we finished right before the stage, in the middle, about the 7th row, so it was quite cool! I was singing every single song and every single lyric, so people around me were looking quite scared at me Never mind, as soon as he started Happy Ending, I started to cry like a little girl and it was just sooo emotional! My friends told me that I was on the big screen for 3 seconds while I was crying (that´s my bf who told me, as soon as I walked away he ran after me but was too slow ) The show was really awesome, it was pretty .. violet! Mika was not tired at all, he had lot of energy and he sang every song really really good! I don´t think I heard one note out of tune, really! ( he didn´t do THE note in Underwater chorus, but never mind, love him anyway.) I came with my drawings, but I was just so tired and the wheather was so rainy (Normandy, normal) that I gave up and I went to bed. Anyway, there was no meet and greet, was there? It was just an awesome, awesome exxperience, I loved it, and even if the last time I saw him is 2 years ago, nothing has changed, it still gives me the same goosebumps and those butterflies in the belly I surely will go see him again, it´s juste the endless love.
  4. Miss.roxy

    Fictional Crazy Phone Calls!

    It´s been a lifetime I was here so - HELLO I´m still alive! Loving this one so much I must come over sooner I miss it so much!!! Anyways, before I do that, I y´all and talk to u soon
  5. Miss.roxy

    Miss.roxy (Lucia Lancosova) thread!

    Thank you a lot! and I loved his coat ! and yes I didn´t have time mostly because of school + getting done all the stuff around my next year in france but I´m back so I´ll fix it THANK you! and I picked that guy Thank you, Christine. Yes, I´m coming back to Slovakia on holidays to work Thank you Thanks I really appreciate it
  6. Miss.roxy

    Miss.roxy (Lucia Lancosova) thread!

    News I´m a bit late, but here´s my new music video!!!! [YOUTUBE]dPBO0AbdfvQ[/YOUTUBE] It´s called Love gives you wings Practically it´s about hope that love gives you, that all you need to do is open your heart and be happy!
  7. Miss.roxy

    The Looking For Something Thread - Part II!

    yes, I´ll live in Granville in Basse-Normandie for a whole year! So see you at the next french show I hope
  8. Miss.roxy

    The Looking For Something Thread - Part II!

    Hello! I´m not looking for anything just came to say hello because I was gone a long time!! But summer came and I´m back Too bad that Mika doesn´t do any gig in middle Europe I´d love to give him another 20 drawings. nevermind, I´m leaving SLovakia in septembre and I´m going to France for a year, hope to see him there somehow! Still love you MFC!
  9. Miss.roxy

    ALL Mika fan-art - Part II

    Steph your work is amazing! )
  10. Congratulations Karla, have fun and WRITE A LONG REPORT THEN!!
  11. Miss.roxy

    ALL Mika fan-art - Part II

    Girls, these two masterpieces really blew me away. I´m honestly amazed. Well done.
  12. Miss.roxy

    82, rue des Martyrs (Karen) - Discussion

    Hey! I´m fine thanks, you? Yes I have no time for MFC now and I´m so sad for it, but my school is like superhard now, I have exams everyday so I really can´t afford being here but I always read threads and so on Thanks I´m glad u like it Hope to see you this year on some show!!
  13. Miss.roxy

    82, rue des Martyrs (Karen) - Discussion

    Hello! I don´t know where esle to post it, I just kind of covered Mika´s Karen song.. here you go [YOUTUBE]QLOgEWUWhWw[/YOUTUBE]
  14. Thank you they are beautiful!!