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  1. I kind of feel that way about Ice Cream as well, its fun but definitely not strong lyrically. I agree about the realness that Tomorrow has, and like I said before about how its very relatable I think that's why its better song than I was expecting it to be when I really analyze it. It's definitely not the best Mika can do, so it's just a little disappointing I guess. See, that's my point. Mika has to be talking about quite recent self here! I assumed this when I heard it for the first time in Brooklyn, his description of the song was along the same lines but more scandalous and daring. I'm sure its in some videos people took and posted. But, honestly Mika talking about the song gets me more excited than the song itself. Mentions about production I think I have to agree with, it seems a little lack-luster.
  2. I agree with that lyric too! It Also makes more sense that way to me. I totally get this. I actually really liked it live and the way he introduced the song really hyped it up in my mind but reading the lyrics it sounds almost... Immature? Something about a 36 year old man singing about texting and emojis just rubs me the wrong way. But at the same time, it reminds me of being a teenager (not that long ago!) and being reckless because I wanted to be loved. I think it's a very relatable song (except for having a vintage Benz, can't relate) so that's the appeal. Maybe you'll change your mind, but you don't have to like every Mika song and that's okay.
  3. I was looking on lyric genius for Tomorrow lyrics (very frustrating finding the right words he's singing, see more in thread) and here is what it says so far for Blue for credits: Written by: Mika, Dorothy Allison, and Alex Smith No lyrics up there yet, I think that someone is posting official lyrics when songs are being released. Maybe keep an eye out if it's bugging you like the lyrics for Tomorrow were bugging me.
  4. Song Credits: Written by: Mika and Fyfe Produced by: Dan Priddy and Mark Crew
  5. Okay, it's definitely "stereo on" I hear that, and it's "leather seat catchin onto skin" according to lyric genius.
  6. I really, really it's "catching on to this" or "catching on to something" (more likely the latter) and I honestly can't make it out better than that, it's driving me crazy. I'm just listening to that part over and over because it's bothering me too much.
  7. Wait, this is too good. I can hear myself freaking out and saying "Oh my god, I see him." over and over again in the beginning of the Ice Cream video.
  8. My friend said this song is just like Touches You lyrically. I guess I can see some similarities if I really think about it, but what do you guys think?
  9. It's a very bittersweet feeling. All I do is keep talking about Mika to my boyfriend and best friend and I literally had a dream about him last night. Can't complain though!
  10. Thank you! I think all the warm wishes from MFC members over the years about how they hope I can go to a gig/meet Mika just built up so I could have a truly magical night. But I also think Mika is quite magical too. He just makes good things happen. Definitely all my good luck for the rest of my life was used up at once for this gig, considering how easily I could get things to work out for traveling there too when it could of been very complicated. Thank you, everyone. I feel so thankful and my heart is full.
  11. Its definitely going to be both an album and a DVD. Regarding the live DVD, he mentioned that he just hasn't done one in a long time.
  12. He said that it's different, because the Montreal one was with an orchestra and this is just a normal show audio wise with the music that sounds more like to what he releases.
  13. It's going to fantastic, because the set and the new songs he really fabricated into emotions and stories that everyone can relate to in the banter and things he said before playing them. He was also wild onstage, and it was practically a rave during Love Today (?) and We Are Golden because the crowd was just as wild and loving every minute of it.
  14. My first gig! I guess I picked a killer one too. All the lovely people I met said Mika just had so much extra energy tonight and it was definitely for the live DVD. I was in the front row so I was definitely filmed for that, look out guys... I have never been to such an incredible show. Like it not just because I love Mika so much, he just put on such a great performance and the crowd echoed the energy right back. It was ecstatic. It was more than I was hoping for. I was a complete mixture of emotions all day, and it all came to a boiling point when Mika came to the stage door greet some of us. There were probably 100 people outside and I knew I probably wouldn't get to see him because I was nowhere near the front. I eventually manuvered myself to the second row of an area where it wasn't as congested, but it didn't seem hopeful and I understood that. I started crying because he was just like... There and a moment I couldn't even dream of happening when I was so much younger was literally like unfolding before my eyes. I also think I am a little emotionally unstable right now because I'm just struggling with mental health issues too. But that's another reason why Mika and his music mean so much to me, its helped me pull through the absolute hell I've had to go through through the years to even get to where I am today and be the person I am today. It's just something you cannot thank someone enough for. The fact that I was crying caught some people around me's attention (I think they were Italian, if you see this thank you! I was too much of a mess to remember that) and they successful grabbed Mika's attention and pointed at me. Mika walks up to me and asks "now, why are you crying?" And I start rambling like the crazy lady I am, I think he was a little taken aback by it but whatever, and tell him pretty much I've been a fan for a long time and I want to thank him for his music because it got me through so much and I'm sorry because you probably hear this a lot. At this point I'm sobbing, he's looking at me like he doesn't know what to say or do and thinking wow I really need new antidepressants because these don't stabilize mood at all anymore. He says something along the lines of that's very sweet and I go in for a hug and then I hear an audible "awww" from the immediate crowd around us. It was so incredible. I'm just to blessed to have had that opportunity to speak with him and tell him that because... How many people get to thank their favorite musician or someone inspiring for them? Thank you, Mika. I'm sorry if I scared you. Here is my Google album from the gig, please enjoy. I filmed quite a few songs that are in here too.
  15. I will post a more in depth review and pictures and videos tomorrow, but I wanted to say 2 things on here tonight. 1. This gig was recorded for a live album and DVD. Look forward to it! 2. On a personal note, I got to meet Mika and it was a really incredible experience. I'm very emotional right now and I'm still letting it all sink in. Excellent gig, will do a full report tomorrow.