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  1. My fiancé is still working even though so many business here are shut down and have their employees working at home. He works out of town during the week so I'm by myself for 4 days of the week while my state is in shelter in place for the next month... I feel so isolated. At least I have google hangout and my dog. How's everyone else?
  2. I hope there will still be a DVD, and maybe they will sell physical copies of the live album in US as tour merch. Someone should try to ask him about it if they get a chance to see him too for more clarification. I'd hope its still coming along, because it would be such a waste and there are loads of people who would love to have that live DVD. Though DVDs are a little dated, maybe that's the issue?
  3. It's definitely possible, but I'm not sure if it's likely. I'm thinking the project was scrapped, unfortunately. I don't think they would release a DVD without the live album alongside it.
  4. I just got a notification that my vinyl album of MNIMH has shipped... What is that, 4 months after when I pre-ordered it?
  5. Hey guys, I was at this concert where the album was recorded and I wanted to clear up some confusion about the DVD rumor. At the concert, Mika said himself, that this concert would be turned into a live DVD as well as a live CD. Now, I don't know if this has since changed and they decided to only do a live CD, but that is what he said at that time. The whole concert was filmed like the Dear Jealously video, with multiple cameras, even going onstage. Mika really gave it his all into performing because he was under the impression this was going to be both a live album and DVD and it
  6. The Atlanta one is GA and the tickets were so reasonably priced otherwise... I was very pleased and can't wait to go.
  7. I'm going to the Atlanta show, it's right before my final exams but I'm going to make it work! I can't wait, I hope I'll see some of you out there.
  8. Coachella is fantastic publicity for him, but wow that's going to be very expensive to see him there. Its still very exciting!
  9. Our first family cats were strays that we or someone else found. One, our family friend found in her barn. The other one my mom found in a parking lot and took home! I'm sure they were both part of litters that were dumped somewhere, because they were both kittens at the time. The cats they have now we're adopted through a foster system, so they get amazing attention and care until they find their forever home. But a lot of people do just get their cats from the cat adopting them. I can't believe someone would through a living creature out of a car. Wow. People can be awful.
  10. I think most people here get cats from shelters. I don't know anyone with a fancy cat breed. There's little point to them too, unless if you have allergies and want a hypoallergenic or naked cat? All cats pretty much do the same thing and act in the same ways, unlike different dog breeds. I've been getting some flack about getting my dog from a breeder, most of them are subtle comments from other dog owners. We decided to go with a breeder because one, an adopted dog can be a lot of work to retrain to how you want to act, they also typically have training and social issues that ta
  11. Yes! That was his pattern too exactly! It was so unique. He was 11 years old and he passed away due to a sudden heart attack since he always had murmur in his heart beat. He was one of the cats I grew up with as a child/teen, but my parents have since adopted a couple other precious cats who we all love so much. One of them has recently become so fat and I don't know how my mom let that happen... I held him for the first time in awhile the other day and it was like I was holding a completely different cat.
  12. Most mail doesn't take that long.. it was also coming from an area close to where I live relative to how big the U.S. is. It was just the state north of mine. It's odd. I'm happy I have it now. I love the art. I also wore my Tiny Tour sweatshirt for the first time today because it was finally cold enough to wear it to class. ALSO.. yikes. The Native American headdress is making me die a little inside. Cultural appropriation is not a good look.
  13. I just received my CD in the past week or so. I don't check my mailbox all too often, but I got my mail pretty recently. That's a really long time to get a CD. It was produced and shipped from the US too so I just don't understand why it took so long.
  14. She's so pretty! Her tabby color reminds me so much of my tabby can I had who passed away. It looks black and gray, right? I haven't seen this kind of coloring too much in cats.
  15. He has incredible spotlights and essentially advertising from Spotify, the top streaming service. That's more important that album placement on the charts these days.
  16. Do you think this is because not as many people buy albums anymore and opt to stream them? This trend has only been going upward since Mika's last album release. I don't think you can even buy albums on iTunes anymore? I don't know, I don't have an iPhone or have I used the service in years. I see no point in buying physical CDs or digital copies because I don't use them. I got three digital copies of this album for a ticket purchase, merch purchase and purchase of a vinyl. They are pushing the digital copies with these things to boost the album on the charts because no many peopl
  17. I'm actually EXTREMELY upset about this. We were promised to be sent it ON release date. It's unacceptable. Now we have to wait what, 2 months? Who does that?
  18. Um... What? That's so not cool. They should have already made these things ages ago.
  19. I feel so lucky to have such a nice dog and it's been so rewarding so far. We have only had her for 5 days and it's so nice to see how fast she is learning, even though it's exhausted.
  20. She is such a big cuddler, she always wants to sleep on my head especially. It's making kennel training her a nightmare because she is very needy and has a lot of seperation anxiety, but she is so stinking cute. She's gonna be a very loving animal. Good thing too, because a huge reason we got her was for an emotional support animal for me. I feel quite emotional supported already.
  21. Yes, it has talons! It seems a confusing to me too. Maybe if they had a Spotify logo on it, because they obviously have some sort of deal for this record. Or just a simple "album now available" would have worked too.
  22. I'm so confused by this. Is he talking about the American Eagle logo?
  23. Me too. I will post here until forever. I was actually about to post here too because I'm having major anxiety and I need to vent, lol. I am getting my dog today and I'm super excited and nervous at the same time, we are about to leave to pick her up and I can't hardly wait!
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