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  1. Mikasister

    Mika in white shirts

  2. Mikasister

    Mika in stripes

  3. Mikasister

    Mika in stripes

  4. Pic of the day to withstand the cold winter. :naughty:




  5. Mikasister

    Mika in stripes

  6. Mikasister

    Mika in stripes

    This was one of my favorite interviews. Weekend Wogan - BBC Radio2
  7. Mikasister

    Mika in white shirts

  8. Mikasister

    Mika in stripes

  9. Mikasister

    Mika in stripes

  10. Just found this. The old MFC site. So many memories come to me :emot-sad:




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    2. Mikasister


      Aww so many memories. 10 years since I found this site. So many things have happened. :wub2:

    3. crazyaboutmika


      It's funny MFC was:


      - violet sky/purple

      and is now blue

      Next time we get an upgrade is it going to be green? :teehee:

      I just realized we more or less follow Grace Kelly's lyrics  for our colors :lmfao:


    4. crazyaboutmika


      My fav colors were the violet/ purple :wub2:

  11. Mikasister

    Hello there MFC-ers!

    Hello Eliza and welcome to the MFC. Hope you enjoy your stay here. If you have any doubt just have to ask. Here you have the American thread where you can talk with other american fans. And another thread that new fans should read https://www.mikafanclub.com/mika-fan-club-guidelines/
  12. Mikasister

    Mika in white shirts

  13. Mikasister

    Mika in stripes