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  1. Hola! ¿ Habéis visto las fotos con la familia de este? Nada de distancia, sin mascarilla. Creo que Mika se lo toma muy relajado todo y más en Italia donde hay tantos casos y la cosa esta bastante mal. No entiendo a este chico.
  2. I'm not going to get into a cinema, I'm scared with the new covid outbreaks that have come out in Barcelona. I will wait patiently for 2021, although I am not sure that big concerts can be done either.I hear over and over again experts are saying the worst thing you can do to make the virus spread is to lock yourself in a crowded venue.
  3. https://kinepolis.es/eventos/kine-music-festival-mika# Kine Music Festival: Mika Cuatro años después de su último álbum, Mika vuelve con "My Name Is Michael Holbrook". Mika se embarcó en una gira de trece fechas por toda Francia, incluyendo un concierto en el AccorHotels Arena de París el 22 de diciembre de 2019. Un espectáculo colorido. Género: Music Duración: 93 minutes Fecha de estreno: 20/08/2020
  4. @Tomas0809 Mika was in Lithuania in 2010. Take a look at this thread
  5. Hello Tomas and welcome to the MFC Hope you can see Mika live one day. It's an unforgettable experience. When you get to see him, you'll want more and more. Mika is addictive. Enjoy the forum!
  6. 11350802_1643608132521094_3810872234078776334_n.thumb.jpg.9b0db53119e4ae3b9b7755ebed3f8516.jpg

    1. miknikel


      where did this happen?

    2. Mikasister


      2015, 5 years ago yesterday in Barcelona.  My friend next to me made the letters, I put them on the stage, Mika took them and put on the piano and everyone could took pictures. After the gig he signed my letter A (Alba)  










    3. miknikel


      Yeah, I remember seeing them on stage on a video. 

      Congratulations !   :thumb_yello:


  7. These days I have many dates to remember. Today another anniversary to celebrate and remember. 5 years of my stage debut with Mika. A magical night of July 10, 2015. It saddens me to see how time goes by so fast *sigh* nothing will be like before.  *nostalgia*









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    2. Mikasister



      It was one of his best shows and meet & greet  and it's not just because I was on stage with him, I was not expecting it at all, it was a pleasant surprise, a magical night for many fans. A perfect gig. 

    3. Starlight


      I'm very happy for you, it must be such a wonderful memory ❤

    4. koningin


      Thank you @Mikasister for sharing this wonderful memory with us 😘💕

  8. Wait and see. It's mattter of time. Anyway. I wont buy it.
  9. It is also well known in Spain. It can be found in many supermarkets. In fact I have bought some times but I doubt that this edition of Mika will be sold in Spain but surely it will be in France and of course in italy.
  10. 2b8345b8-71d0-4841-9d73-6ddab3ac81ed.mp4 b758afb7-3ef5-4ed7-8b7f-f711b07a964c.mp4 d7d4ac61-2d50-4963-9b16-3e6b49941d22.mp4 5b6f98ab-c457-475e-bfd3-05fe1cc7d44a.mp4
  11. Finally Mika and his mask bc17d196-c389-4d2b-8196-bd7ed866e5d0.mp4 a4c57c16-f4bb-4405-9975-119a7bd6db5d.mp4 1528e77a-b719-4a5e-961a-b6de3e5b978b.mp4