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  1. How I miss him on stage and I think there is still a long way to go to see him live *sigh*
  2. You expect a lot of him. I don't need that much. I don't need talent shows or another kind of TV shows. When this damn virus comes to the end (I hope soon) I would only need music, tour and maybe an acoustic tour like SFS tour he did in 2009 and something I would like him to do is a musical about his songs.
  3. 129468102_232081685026906_5209778344525677885_n.thumb.jpg.5ee197a0f35463dcf6d8a287dbf2fb8d.jpg

    1. Mikasister


      @Dominika Husband went today to pick up the card. It's fantastic as always. Thanks from the bottom of my heart :hug: :huglove:



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  5. He says why when he uses this filter he looks sick and when Emma uses It looks beautiful hahaha 129026429_379377413153754_3207762366634852065_n.mp4
  6. An acoustic concert from his home it would be wonderful or a song per day. He doesn't need anything but that piano and his voice like he did today.
  7. He knows how desperate we are for not being able to go to concerts and how much we miss him on stage that delights us with this private mini concert from his home.
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