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  1. The organizers of festivals that take place next summer in Barcelona and surroundings have doubts about whether they can be held. They are also cautious and do not want to make drastic decisions at the moment. Some have been canceled, others have been postponed. Cap roig, remain on the same date by now. One of the organizers of this festival hopes that by the end of July it will be possible to gather 2,000 people in the venue. Although I do not see it very possible.
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  3. I think many more will do the same and it would be the best. The epidemiologists I'm hearing these days say that theaters, cinemas, shopping malls, schools, sporting events, among others, should return to normal after summer.
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    Hello MFC

    Hello @Maeday and welcome to the MFC Have a lot of fun here. If you want to chat with other Chinese fand and share your love for Mika and his music, you can do it here: Enjoy the place!
  5. I'm glad that Joannie is at home surrounded by her loved ones. Those are good news. She's a strong woman.
  6. Hello and welcome to the MFC. Have a lot of fun. If you want to talk with other italian fans you can do it here:
  7. Girls, in english please! If you want too talk in italian there's a thread for that.
  8. Curiosidades de Mika PrimerBeat Producción 20 views · 4 hours ago · A Coruña · Que MIKA es un artista top, capaz de crear auténticos bombazos musicales es una realidad, pero lo más probable es que no conozcas las curiosidades que te mostramos a continuación. Seguro que desde hoy, aprecias aún más la figura de este genio.
  9. Ae we sure is it him or his italian team who posted this?
  10. PrimerBeat Producción Page Liked · 23 hrs · El mundo siempre se ve más brillante detrás de una sonrisa 😄 Entradas para MIKA -> http://bit.ly/mikaprimerbeat #YoMeQuedoEnCasa #FrenarLaCurva #Coliseum #ACoruña — at Coliseum da Coruña.
  11. Maybe the show does know why he didn't connect, but he didn't have to tell others why. Anyway, I'm not worried about any of that. When he has the need, he will say something.
  12. It must be stressful that thousands of people pressure you to say on social networks if you are right, wrong, what you are doing and where. When he needs to talk to us, he will do it, I'm sure.So I'm not worried.
  13. Im listening Live Your life right now on the radio
  14. Hello @Anaïs_ and welcome! Hope you have a lot of fun here. If you have any question just have to ask. Take a look at this thread to know how the forum works: