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  1. i think is marmol white like him or the griegs.
  2. Thks for the oportunity with the Lirics! Adorable the image is Spnish and French Paper!!The sweet smile is not easy explain.
  3. I like this Pic the dogs on New York very kind with New YOrker so much the other pics i thing about the rules of the voice from the news and Press of Italy magazines.
  4. HO HO HO are you working this hard!! i like it thanks Marylin...The blog from you is basically adorable.
  5. i´m listening songs of Elvis because 8/1/1935 was born at Tupela Misisipi and he couold be 81 years old desafortunately he died to 42 august 1977 by infart miocardy. i went isnspired by him so much and his romantic baladas and cinemas film. i´m hearing the new pop songs too. any of them very high tones.Like Leonela but i don´t remenber any thing One night or something like... the ausence of time make me hear the basic...i´m hearing so much the radio program like The more songs of Ranking are very apreciated, i don´t miss the Ranking of songs from UK or BBC because it´s very good music. and i found the hits better if i can i could contact with them through the twitter too. For express my likes about this new music. I´m following to Mika in Special and other Idolos. Thks for let me express here. About MFC i´m hearing so much but in my humble opinion the Club has been existing more time than 2007. I following to him about from starting internet about 1997...?JaJa JA...
  6. mer

    MIKA Quotes.

    Thks it´s beautifull i found any one of them in a page of internet called mika quotes but any phrases about his thought and phrases of poetry by himm google you can get it easyly
  7. i hope about Music or ...DVD or Optico Disc MegafonoI´m Happy wit expect for the next
  8. se, ho poco tempo, ma mi dispiace tutto quello che è successo in Italia e le mie condoglianze alla famiglie vícitimas del terremoto. E i sopravvissuti Alos molto arrabbiato dalla Spagna... And Thks MIka for Information to this page. MIKA ‏@mikasounds 3m3 minutes ago Salut! #atlantique How this summer about il collegamento for flirt? Il Lice 14193599_306246113100564_971523963_n.gif
  9. Thks NINA in Twitter i near to this post at found. Traveling, events, people: Mika @ Bona Nit Festival in Barcelona, Spain 13.6.2016