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  1. Hello fellow Romanians, or maybe ahem Cristina wow! So many things changed on MFC! Looks to good now (desi imi cam lipseste designul ala de acum un secl cu planetutele si fata lui Mika ). Ce mai este nou pe aici? wooow say something random a ajuns la pt 28 !
  2. wow what a speech!:jawdrop: wish I was there!

  3. bad experience with his music label? :o

  4. Yes, next months he will be in Paris working in "The Voice" I'm not really excited but if this is important for him because he can earn money to make the music and the album he wants to do with freedom, it's ok, I'll support him, but I want him back as a songwriter, musician, that's his job. Poor boy he had a bad experience with his music label and now he has to fund his music and projects by himself, hope he can do it.


    Glad for you, I wish you the best in your studies :huglove:


    Back soon here :bye:

  5. aww he's so handsome in the pics you posted here:wub2::wub2::wub2: though I STILL miss his curls :teehee:after all this time, I haven't gotten over it.


    I am good, studies are occupying my time, and oh well, my part time job, and my new obsession figure skating as well (I have to stalk someone in that world too!), but I still stalk Mika on fb and I've seen the Italy thing, even laughed at some videos :mf_rosetinted:crazy Meeks.


    I also heard (from fb too) that he's going to be a choach in France, on The Voice? so exciting news for him! I am so glad he's so well...and maybe he'll get to sing in Romania too on his upcoming tour (after the release of that new album)-I just hope it won't take too long for him to release it :aah:


    oh and the video from Popular Song is my fave from him now! :mikalove:


    wow I miss this place, but it's kinda hard for me to fit back in many new faces here! it's like I am a new member all over again :shocked:

  6. Hey, how are you my dear? :huglove: I'm fine. Our boy is very busy. He's working as a judge in that "crappy" italian show called XFactor but hopefully almost is over. He's working in his new album which will be released next year and he promised he will touring as well. Hope we can seee him live. He also has designed a watches for Swatch. If you can, take a look at some threads :wub2:


    But tell me, how's your life and your studies? :wink2:

  7. hello Alba :huglove: how are you? it;s been so long! hope everything is well :D

    how's our golden boy? I haven;t had that much time for stalking as in the past sadly :(

  8. wow, such great news:wub2: good for mr Mika:mf_rosetinted:




    Fanny Ardant to begin shooting Cadences Obstinées in Lisbon

    by Vitor Pinto 17/01/2013 -


    This week in Lisbon, actress Fanny Ardant began the six-week shooting

    schedule of Cadences Obstinées, her second feature film as director.


    The film features Portuguese actors Nuno Lopes and Ricardo Pereira,

    together with Italian actress Asia Argento,

    (now) Russian actor Gérard Depardieu

    and Rumanian actor Tudor Istodor.


    Cadences Obstinées revolves around a couple,

    Margo (Asia Argento) and Furio (Nuno Lopes).

    She is an acclaimed cellist who left her job to devote herself to her husband;

    he is an architect embarked on the almost impossible task of

    restoring a long-abandoned hotel.


    As the opening day draws near, tensions and obstacles build up between them.

    Eventually, the overshadowed cellist will go back to her music.




  10. I don't know about a new album, but he was woking in studio after Christmas holidays. He's writing for other artists and a music film. Do you know he did a cameo in a movie?

  11. aww I'm so glad Mika is doing lots of gigs these days:wub2: I've heard some rumors about a new album...are they true?:mikalove: And I've also seen his hair grew up :wub2: I feel like I've been gone for ages