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  1. Hello fellow Romanians, or maybe ahem Cristina wow! So many things changed on MFC! Looks to good now (desi imi cam lipseste designul ala de acum un secl cu planetutele si fata lui Mika ). Ce mai este nou pe aici? wooow say something random a ajuns la pt 28 !
  2. wow what a speech!:jawdrop: wish I was there!

  3. bad experience with his music label? :o

  4. aww he's so handsome in the pics you posted here:wub2::wub2::wub2: though I STILL miss his curls :teehee:after all this time, I haven't gotten over it.


    I am good, studies are occupying my time, and oh well, my part time job, and my new obsession figure skating as well (I have to stalk someone in that world too!), but I still stalk Mika on fb and I've seen the Italy thing, even laughed at some videos :mf_rosetinted:crazy Meeks.


    I also heard (from fb too) that he's going to be a choach in France, on The Voice? so exciting news for him! I am so glad he's so well...and maybe he'll get to sing in Romania too on his upcoming tour (after the release of that new album)-I just hope it won't take too long for him to release it :aah:


    oh and the video from Popular Song is my fave from him now! :mikalove:


    wow I miss this place, but it's kinda hard for me to fit back in many new faces here! it's like I am a new member all over again :shocked:

  5. hello Alba :huglove: how are you? it;s been so long! hope everything is well :D

    how's our golden boy? I haven;t had that much time for stalking as in the past sadly :(

  6. wow, such great news:wub2: good for mr Mika:mf_rosetinted:

  7. aww I'm so glad Mika is doing lots of gigs these days:wub2: I've heard some rumors about a new album...are they true?:mikalove: And I've also seen his hair grew up :wub2: I feel like I've been gone for ages

  8. omg Alba please forgive me, I saw your message now:bow::bow::bow: these months have been crazy, hardly any time to spend on MFC. I miss it so much :wub2:

    I had my first exams at University and had to study for them:aah: and I'm also studying Advanced Spanish now, as I took 9 points out of 10 at my Spanish intermediate exam:mf_rosetinted: my Spanish teacher is so great, I love studying with her:thumb_yello:


    how about you? how are things going? :wink2: and how's MFC these days?:teehee:

  9. hey :huglove: thank you for your friend request, you're new here.

    how are you? :das:

  10. hola Alba, I just saw your message (have been busy, busy, busy) Happy New Year and may all your wishes come true too :huglove: it'll be a great year, I know it :das:

  11. yap, TOOL is really amazing...I haven't seen it in stores yet :aah: I always look after Mika and put his CDs on the 1st position :lmfao:

    Gig in Barcelona? aw, Paula must be so happy :swoon:

  12. THANK YOUU!! (a little bit late, been busy over my head :aah:) I'll try to stay around more often now :teehee: loved the Mika gif you posted on my wall :huglove:

  13. thank you Paula :huglove: (my third job was a spy:fisch:a good one if you ask:teehee:) we'll talk on facebook when I'll see you online :wink2:

  14. hey :huglove: thank you for your birthday wishes:wub2: I wish I could be here much more but I've been too busy these days, being a freshman at the university can do that to you:doh:


    Shame to me forever that I kinda spaced out on Mika's news and I don't know anything about TOOL's success and how well is being seen by people:aah::aah::aah: I know that Underwater video comes out soon, yay :yay:

  15. you'll be a wonderful lawyer I'm already hiring you :lmfao: with los muertos you never know... :das:

  16. haha, nope, not just muertos :lmfao: anyway, I'm ok too...lots to study and I'm tired and sleepy :teehee:

    haven't been here in AGES! I just stopped coming one day :teehee:


    Paula once told me that you're in law school? :das:

  17. hahaha my uncle just told me he had a free day on 1st November, and I just remembered about Dia de los Muertos :lmfao: :lmfao: :lmfao: and then I remembered you :teehee: how are you btw?:huglove:

  18. they said that it's a refreshing picture of the monarchy, and made a reference at Queen Elisabeth II who doesn't smile or move ever :lmfao: they also commented that despite of Swedes being so 'cold' they have great sense of having fun and enjoying sports, or smth like that :lmfao:

  19. you haven't seen the pic :lmfao: Romanian's news have a way of being so weird...they have all sort of weird news related to the Olympics :lmfao:

  20. 578681_10151988072950713_697510985_n.jpg


    that was on Romanian's news this night :lmfao: everyone is thinking they're awesome :lmfao: