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  1. Happy Birthday Mika! Thank you for all the joy and happiness you have brought to my life. I wouldn't be who I am without you.
  2. So theatrical, so beautiful, Mika keeps me mesmerized ..
  3. hey its on number 8 in vh1 top 10 YEAH!!!!!!

  4. That's really cool, hope it goes ok :original:

    I have exams all this week D: but like in a month or so i'll be free from high school forevrr xD next year ill go to the university :) i will be able to spend time ere like i did on vacations.

    At least we have the new cd to enjoy while we study :naughty:

  5. I'm great, thanks! I have a lot going on, I'm preparing for a guitar exam held by the Trinity College in London and my school is having midterms right now. I still go through Mika updates but I can't wait till my exams are over tomorrow and I can spend all my time on MFC :naughty:

    How are you? :huglove:

  6. Hey, I finally saw celebrate on Vh1 ! Yay, watching Mika on TV is awesome :)

  7. Jaya? i miss talking to u girl! :| :huglove: how are u?

  8. Happy Birthday Mika! All the love in the world to you :') Have a beautiful day.
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