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  1. hello guys! can you help me pleasee someone wanted to know what's written here and asked me if i could read but i can't because I'm learning korean so can you tell what does this mean?
  2. 안녕하세요! Hey guys I wanna ask you something, I'm learning Korean and friend asked me to translate this for her but I don't know the exact translation so could you please help? 우리가 유겸 머리를 할수없을것같아요 thanks in advance
  3. Hi! yeah I've not been here for so looong I'm okay how about you? indeed (I missed those smiles ) aww poor you at least I'm glad I like my group at uni I wouldn't bear it if I didn't like groupmates Good luck with yours too!
  4. yeaah hope so. if he does i'll definitely go :D

  5. noo unfortunately he never comes to Georgia :( Wish i could go somewhere else for a gig but can't.

  6. Indeeeed!! hope there's gonna be even better songs on the album. i wanna hear it already

  7. heeeyy XD whats uup? yees it's been more than a year!! D:

  8. I'm studying international relations. (well, the course is called so) but I'm studying so many **** subjects actually in the first semester like maths, economics, laws, history, literature and art (I like this one ) oh and I'm also learning Korean 한국어
  9. :bye: Hello!

    yes I know her from facebook too so it won't be a problem for her to ask me if she needs anything! thanks for reminding! :huglove:

  10. working sounds good. wish I could work somewhere too but it's really difficult to find a job here for my age So I'm studying and studying and sttudying and waiting for exams...
  11. Yees.. it's gonna be difficult and especially for that uni I want to go to so I'm studying all the time xD What's up there? ^^
  12. I'm okaay thanks. how about you? I'm studying for uni exams atm so I don't have much time to come here again like last year I missed you all!
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